No Landing Lights

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No Landing Lights

Post by Pim »

Hallo Lapi,

Just checked again the lights situation. Deleted and re-installed the FS2020 module. All the lights work: STROBE, BEACON, WINGS, NAV, RWY TURN OFF, NOSE T/O and NOSE TAXI, except LAND L and LAND R. I tried it with the software panel, therefore eliminating any hardware issues.

Please let me know how to fix it.

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Re: No Landing Lights

Post by RomanR »

I have the problem that landing lights take almost 10 seconds to turn on. Did you wait a little to see if they turn on? I already reported the issue.
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Re: No Landing Lights

Post by garel75 »

me too I have no landing lights and neither taxi, could be due to the update?

Updated 1.12.22 : today i flown and lights worked. Only they "shoot" too close.
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