FDS Dual LED korrys

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FDS Dual LED korrys

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Wondering if someone can help me assign the Dual LED switches, suppose it doesn't really matter if its FDS or not for example when im programming the "Auto Land" LEDs on the F/O CPT sides it only lets me assign the upper led, to which when Auto land should be displayed it will only read "AUTO" rather than AUTO LAND (upper and lower would need to be assigned) Also on the Terrain ND for CPT / F/O i have assigned the switch ok and the "ON" GREEN when pushed but the 2 white dots should also come on, on the upper LEDs but there is no assignment or those.

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Re: FDS Dual LED korrys

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Hi Jamie,

When assigning an annunciator like the Autoland you can click on the + sign and create another assignment. Then assign it to the lower and the original one to the Upper. This applies also for the Master Caution and Fire Warning.

If there is no assignment then there isn't one required. Especially for the 2 dots.

Good luck
Steve Cos
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