Hydraulic system failure

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Hydraulic system failure

Post by Piotrmorawski85 »

I have a problem with hydraulics - every time I startup engines shortly after ENG 1 spools up the F/CTL surfaces and all HYD systems go off... What am I doing wrong? I'm on P3D v5.2, Skalarki hardware (MIP, OVH, MCDU, TQ), Prosim 1.52 (evaluation version), everything configured (I guess...) Photos attached. Please, help me out...
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Re: Hydraulic system failure

Post by Pim »

HI Piotr,

Show us the the Hydraulics ECAM page.

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Re: Hydraulic system failure

Post by RomanR »

Do you have the AFT Overhead panel as well?

I had the same problem and guess that one of your leak measurement valves is open. You can check that in ProSim Systems in the hydraulic tab. You can try and set it to always pushed in combined config.
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