FMC V 3 Opencokpit A320

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FMC V 3 Opencokpit A320

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Hello everyone I recently purchased an FMC V3 Opencokpit but unfortunately I can not make it work the strange thing is that from the prosim status panel the server is ok and hardware is ok but I do not see anything on the screen of the FMC you can help me please ....... and if possible even in a simple way since I'm not a great genius of the pc thanks again to everyone
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Re: FMC V 3 Opencokpit A320

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Hi ??????,

I you run ProSimA320-MCDU you should see a screen. You can turn of all the software buttons in the Config menu and then drag the screen to the video output that is connected to the Opencockpit MCDU. See the ProSimA320 manual for more details.

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