Increase Sensitivity Sidestick ACC

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Increase Sensitivity Sidestick ACC

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Hello , i use a ACC 2.0 sidestick for my home cockpit, right now is connect in prosim with direct input interface, but i found that the aircraft is very slow on the reaction compare on the real aircraft, there is any option to icrease Sensitivity (the respond of the aircraft). I try to use the curve of available in prosim system but not so much effect.
the real plane require very small imput during flight to be correct.

Thanks for the help.
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Re: Increase Sensitivity Sidestick ACC

Post by riddler »


I also use the ACC sidestick.
Do you mind sharing your FBW settings in the IOS.
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Re: Increase Sensitivity Sidestick ACC

Post by Piddy »

Check your Stick-sensitivity.

I suspect it is set to the realistic sidestick, which is dampened. I had the same issue. So I set it to the "normal" joystick mode.
Now it works fine. :D

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