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ProSimA320 version 1.47

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May 17 Release version 1.47
- Hotfix 1.46.1 release required to be installed to update to version 1.47 and above.
Before updating to version 1.47 or higher from version 1.46 and below, please install the hotfix 1.46.1 first.
Otherwise the update will fail with error message 'Unable to update: Required file ProSimA320-System AND not found in downloaded file.'

- Change internal product name to generic A322
- Shutdown all option now available in ProSimIOS also without any network computers configured
- ProSimIOS now also uses other ProSim modules for shutdown all computers command
- Renamed MCP labeled elements to FCU
- Added support for GSX pushback system

- When goaround initiated with FCU altitude below A/C altitude, engage SRS mode instead of V/S
- Do not allow PERF APPR DH entry if no precision vertical guidance available
- Adjusted FMS restring logic so holdings are retained and included when restringing

- When transitioning from alternate law to direct law because of gear down and THS unpowered or jammed, store mean elevator position and use that as sidestick neutral position

- Added FCDC faults

- Fixed missing marker data

- Make landing elevation alt available to calibrate for Skalarki hardware
- Added support for door switches/indicators in Poldragonet Trim/Door panel
- Reduce EHID MCDU screen writes
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