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ProSimA320 version 1.45

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March 19 Release version 1.45
- Updated pack ram air valve logic
- Allow thrust reverser to use HP line as power source

- Do not display n1 limit value when n1 mode is MREV
- Round vsi digital round out instead of truncate it

- Do not reset FMA during unusual attitudes

- Fixed lat/lon formatter issue with negative lat/lon in MCDU INIT page

- Fixed an issue where Poldragonet C/B would keep popping out if manually pulled out and pushed back in.
- Added support for Poldragonet CLS device

- Fixed inner marker received on MKR radio when power is off
- Fixed failures active before ProSimIOS connected were not shown as active.
- Add FCU/EFIS light test for Skalarki and ProsimDisplay
- Added experimental isa deviation based altitude lapse rate compensation
- Make sure GPWS Don't Sink does not rearm after repositioning to the air.
- Fix altitude readout to take height of static port into account
- Retract ground spoilers when aircraft becomes airborne (repositioning) with ground spoilers still deployed.
- Make sure GPWS Don't Sink is not armed after repositioning to the air.
- Filter environmental temperature data to prevent incorrect data from simulator
- Added facility for generating debug log file
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