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ProSimA320 version 1.34

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March 27 Release version 1.34
- Reworked init fuel planning page
- Display current managed speed on MCDU PERF speed instead of default clb/des speed
- Added SPD LIM EXCEEDED message and magenta/amber * next to FPLN SPD LIM
- Calculate missed speed constraints in FPLN
- Fixed changing FOB in MCDU should affect EFOB immediately
- Fuel Pred EXTRA/TIME now uses dest EFOB instead of ALTN EFOB
- Fixed PERF APPR speeds to show data for landing altitude

- Do not show ellipse around wpt in ND that have only a speed constraint
- Adjusted ProsimCDU "green" color to be the same as ProsimDisplay "green"

- Fixed Cockpitsonic anti-ice switches not working
- Fix for CDU's not coming online at startup
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