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ProSimA320 version 1.57

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August 26 Release version 1.57

- Do not show weather radar status data in ND when IRS not aligned
- Adjusted pitch limit PFD indication and normal law behavior
- Do not show TERR indication on ND PLAN mode during terrain test
- Round fuel values to 20's

- Fixed cabin pressure rate issues
- Tuned ECAM for ADR 1+2+3 fault
- Fixed RAT extention solenoid 2 not working
- Fixed ECAM issues after takeoff with IAE engine selection
- Control ECAM SPD BRK DISAGREE message when speedbrake lever is not down and speedbrake inhibit active

- Fixed TO waypoint in FPLN page should count down actual distance.

Flight guidance:
- Autopilot roll tuning
- Adjusted yaw tuning to prevent oscillations

- [Datalink printer] Added further data to base template header
- Added support for predictive W/S switch

- Added support for FS2CREW RAAS lvar master switch
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