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ProSimA320 version 1.56

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July 22 Release version 1.56
- Do not allow generator disconnect when engine not running
- Scroll AOC messages per page instead of per line
- Brake temperature tuning
- Set APU EGT to OAT by default
- Do not show REV state in E/WD if fadec not operational
- Fix issue with speedbrakes during A/P flight
- Fixed AUTO FEED FAULT sometimes appearing after center tank reaches low level
- Dual NAV RA failure should disable reactive w/s and TCAS
- Fixed GWPS terrain still available during IR1 fault
- Approach message should not be available in ND during dual FMGC failure
- Added gates Blower running, extract running and cockpit air low/med/high
- Added gates for autopilot enabled and disabled
- Added SDK variable aircraft.pneumatic.cockpitAir
- Added circuitbreakers for engine oil press/qty transmitters and tyre press/temp transmitters
- If SEC 1+2+3 failure, use flap handle 2 state instead of gear for direct law trigger
- Ignore EFIS QNH input when QNH set to STD
- Dual ADR fault will cause Flap 1+F in the air with flaps set to 1
- ADR 1+2 fault should cause GPW TERR Fault
- When in NAV override mode, RMP should start in course mode when selecting ILS or VOR
- Revised logic for autoland warning light
- Fixed rudder trim going over rudder travel limiter
- Fixed GPWS alert not disengaging when switching off GPWS SYS when alert active
- Inhibit eng oil pressure advisory during shutdown
- Allow non ILS approach to activate with dual RA failure
- Adjusted engine start parameters to prevent fuel flow before 22% N2 in CFM
- When engine mode selector set to START, only show ENGINE page during startup phase
- Fixed hydraulic pressure not recovered after resetting failure
- Reversers should not be available if more than 1 SEC fails
- DC BUS 1+2 fault should cause PACK 2 loss and APU loop A+B loss
- Fixed Idle N1 not increasing based on bleed demand when A/T is on
- Improved MCDU behavior during single FM failure
- Adjusted outflow valve size to have finer control during manual pressure operation

- Do not reset FMA and MCDU after landing during auto fms reset
- Move to status page after reset
- Do not treat visual approach as non precision
- Only update cruise alt from FCU altitude if alt pushed or pulled
- Recalulate vnav data during cruise more often
- Some LNAV rendering improvements
- Improvements in LNAV offsets
- Do not enable A/THR on ground when thrust levers at TOGA but engines shut down
- Revert FINAL to default modes when passing MAP
- Do not trigger CRZ FL ABOVE MAX FL message unless weight is known on ground
- Do not show FMA DH/MDA unless in approach or cruise and close to descend
- Added range checking perf appr for baro/radio minimums and changed FMA to indicate BARO/RADIO instead of MDA/DH
- Fixed NEW WAYPOINT RETURN prompt always going to FPLN-A instead of previous page
- Fixed OPT ALT showing more than certified max alt
- Fixed CSTR labels missing in PLAN mode if IRS not fully aligned
- Improvements to FMS DONE phase
- Adjusted range change for baro minimums
- Check input of CDU new waypoint page to better detect improper formatting
- Fixed error in FLS anchor point calculation
- Fixed issue with Constant mach segments clearing too soon
- Fix incorrect MAX ALT during single engine operation

- [CPFlight] Added ECAM panel
- Added XPDR light for FSCockpit hardware

- Added ND declutter for SID/STAR at higher zoom levels
- Use lower display threshold of .45 mach during deceleration
- Keep mach visible in PFD when LS is active
- Do not show transit state of pack valves
- Adjust PFD blink frequencies and FMA box sizes
- Fix v/dev bar slightly overlapped by ATT
- Update mask of ND Rose display to prevent route drawing through TERR data box
- Roll pointer should remain yellow
- Slightly adjusted pdf Mach indication to match location of QNH

- Add gate for static inverter bus
- Added predictive windshear by arming through the IOS
- Added support for new IVAO data format in ProSimIOS
- Fixed SDK access to switches with hardware latched to software momentary not working correctly
- Added switch 1/2 gates for better startup sound setup
- [Datalink] Added printer option
- [Datalink] Added base template
note: This base template can be used to customize header/footer
and add extra lines at the end to allow cutting space depending on the printer used.
- Fixed potential scenery object airport skipped when delete information is not set
- Fixed ILS heading issue for scenery items that use non fixed heading in MSFS2020
- Improved generic TCP driver to only send out numerical values that changed
- Adjusted wind readout in current weather of ProSimIOS
- Added DCDU display output to SDK
- Exposed "Elevator trim motor" numerical output to drive trim motor
- Transmit seatbelt on information over simconnect to simulator
- Fixed cockpit setup "metar provider" selection not saving
- Fixed TCAS intruders added by ProSimIOS not correctly removed again
- Removed ACP SPKR key control and link intercom speaker control to MIP loudspeaker input
- Fixed issues with door synchronisation when doors are controlled from external sources
- Renamed Hung start to Stall/Hung start
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