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ProSimA320 version 1.53

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December 27 Release version 1.53
- Added bird strike failure
- Autotrim should not move trim wheel if G+Y unpowered
- Fixed elevator trim not resetting on ground
- Fixed gravity feed using crossfeed even when crossfeed valve is closed
- Do not clear fault signal during FCC boot if failure active

- Do not reengage alpha floor if disconnected through a/thr disconnect button
- LVR ASYM should only show when engines are at or above idle
- INIT B trip wind should not be writable when dashed
- Updated CI tables
- ND next waypoint information should skip abeam points after a direct to with abeam points
- Round uplink wind altitude to 1000 feet
- Disable A/THR if A/THR channel 2 is failed and dual cmd enabled
- Fixed issues where holdings would change or disappear during TMPY FPLN modifications
- Fixed FROM point in FPLN shows show time passed over instead of current time
- Adjusted LOC pre-capture bank angle to capture localiser with an increased bank

Flight guidance:
- Adjusted LOC precapture radius for steeper interception
- stabilized pitch F/D
- New SRS takeoff implementation
- Modified initial climb behavior of OPEN CLB

- Added delay for Skalarki CB's

- Tuned various part of the PFD
- Fixed status page reverts to previous page after 3 seconds when status is normal
- Improved calculation of vnav arrows
- Updated visibility mask for ND rose mode

- Added option to switch between +1000 FT and +1500 FT for accel/thrust reduction altitude
- Added support for new FS2020 modern flight models
- Fixed scenery BGL layering during database build
- Fixed wrong scenery path used when selecting older version of Prepar3D if newer version is installed
- Fix webserver crash
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