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ProSimA320 version 1.52

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November 15 Release version 1.52
- Fixed efis PLAN mode missing selected map items
- Fixed runways of SEC FPLN always displayed even when SEC FPLN not displayed
- Optimization of terrain center sweep
- Do not show flags on PFD/ND during light test
- Fixed display terrain not showing in rose mode and 10nm range
- Terrain annunciations temporary state for peak terrain calculation
- Fixed terrain annunciation colors
- Do not flash QNH value in PFD while aircraft is on the ground
- Fixed draw terrain annunciation with ADIRS offline
- Fixed lower terrain annunciation error
- During non-precision approach, show NPA scale in FMS approach phase, regardless of FMA mode (shown only when APPR button pushed previously)
- Improved RDME distance readout
- Speed change dot in ND is now dashed magenta
- Tuned upper ECAM in IAE mode
- Engine gauge should show double XX when no FADEC data is available
- Improved calculation of level off markers
- Next altitude in alt tape now only shows altitudes where level off occurs
- Altitude readout in PFD should show altitudes < 1000 feet in 3 digits
- Blue level-off arrow in ND is now calculated based on FMA mode instead of FPA

- Fixed speedrange not shown in speedtape during early descend until T/D reached
- Fixed crash and other issues with holding at PPOS
- Performance increase

- Fix for fscockpit printer panel backlight
- [Drivers] Added new CPFlight V2 driver
- [CPFlightV2] Added overhead support

- Fixed ND Rose Mode terrain and weather limits
- Fixed Terrain On ND switch logic

- Autopilot tuning for alt capture
- Increased roll control with only spoilers available
- Adjusted working of automatic rudder control during manual flight
- Improved FBW normal law pitch stability

- Fixed SimConnect data errors
- Fixed airworks altitude in ProSimIOS
- Fixed SDK write to COM frequency
- Fixed detached Map module got disabled when selecting Height Map in ProSimIOS
- IAE engine fixes
- Fixed shutdown all networked computers did not always work from ProSimIOS
- Fixed storing display layout on certain systems in ProsimDisplay
- Fixed ProSimIOS module auto update
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