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ProSimA320 version 1.50

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September 3 Release version 1.50
Flight guidance:
- Tuned ALT* capture

- Improved CPDLC position report FMS prefill
- Fixed abeam points not showing up for direct to with abeam points
- Fixed issue when pulling V/S during descend
- DES PERF page should only show managed speed parts in large font that have been changed
- PERF page should show actual first managed target speed while on the ground
- Fixed VNAV above-alt constraint before T/D causes early descend

- Fixed single ecam mode with unpowered ECP should not switch lower display to ECAM when holding ECAM button
- Reduced thrust threshold for automatic spoiler retraction after landing
- If STS page shows after ECAM sequence, also light STS light and allow clearing by pressing STS

- Improved cyan color of ND descend/climb markers

- Fix FSC MCDU display issue where blank screen appears instead of normal display

- Improved many cockpit sounds

- Fixed ProSim display crash on startup of upper ECAM display
Martin Vsetecka
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