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ProSimA320 version 1.46

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April 16 Release version 1.46
- Do not show yellow elec pump light if pump is on because of cargo door operation
- Flaps/slats are operational when LMV's are closed
- Added engine failure with damage
- Added circuitbreakers and circuitry for reverser shutoff valve solenoids
- Inhibit F/D on dual ADR failure
- Improved charge cycle of batteries
- Fix error in ECAM sheets preventing "10" callout
- Added tyre pressure failures

- Do not show alt cstr in alt tape when FINAL mode is active
- If speed is dashed and speed dial turned, use current speed as value

- Alt tape should not be available when backup speed system is active while GPS is offline
- Only show S and F markers in speedtape in flight
- Fixed VOR deflection should be 5 degrees per dot
- Tuned speedtape Vls, Valphaprot and speedbug shape/size

- Added PFD/ND XFER button to configuration screen "switch type" list so they can be configured as latched switches
- Added FDS Ethernet driver

- Fixed looping relay sounds in certain conditions
- Mute ProsimAudio sounds only during pause and not during freeze to prevent GSX pushback from muting prosim audio
- Implemented new VATSIM data format to allow VATSIM information displayed on ProSimIOS map again
- Fixed airspaces not shown on ProSimIOS map (needs new database build)
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