Flight Model 1.14 Errors

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Flight Model 1.14 Errors

Post by Brisi »

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately, I have the same old errors as with the Model 1.13 with the new Boeing.
The plane has no lights and dances almost uncontrollably on the runway.

If I delete everything and reinstall all the lights work.

After restarting the computer, everything is the same: no lights and the plane pulls strongly to the left.

Is anyone having the same problem ?
Greetings Ralph
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Re: Flight Model 1.14 Errors

Post by cloudbase »

I'll test my system today but I cant say I had issues yesterday in MSFS2020 WU11 and ProsimB738-FMv1.14 and latest beta

I assume you are using MSFS2020, it has P3D in your signature, I did have issues until I realised an MSFS2020 update had reset my settings in the sim so make sure you don't have the same issue and check that all settings in MSFS2020 are turned off and let prosim handle everything.

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Re: Flight Model 1.14 Errors

Post by Khendal »

I've installed yesterday the new 1.14, and reinstalled also the module...

Everything seems to working fine, also the light :)
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Re: Flight Model 1.14 Errors

Post by Hakkie »

And control on ground especially during takeoff and landing is much much better! Thanks Lapi.
Kind regards,
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