Prosim stuck at 220kts manual speed entry

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Prosim stuck at 220kts manual speed entry

Post by Driver170 »

I set 220kts in the legs page at a waypoint on a SID (initial turn) after passing the WPT prosim gets stuck at 220kts and does not resume climb at 250kts below FL100
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Re: Prosim stuck at 220kts manual speed entry

Post by Saldo »

That I have too since a couple of months.
Using MSFS here

I choose the SID in the CDU and it shows speeds up to 250 but the waypoints after the SID all show 220.
The moment I pass 10000ft they change to 296 and later to the correct Mach.

No issues with descent and STAR/Transition.

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Re: Prosim stuck at 220kts manual speed entry

Post by OE1CGA »

yesterday on a flght using beta 15.b1 i had the same ..

Departure-route - first turn contraint 205 kts - and all subsequent
waypoints had this speed set .. after passing over this constraint
i selected a "direct to" to the next waypoint and the speed was set

p.s.: also the ENG FAIL indication appeared during engine start
on both engines.
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