Criterias for gear down

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Criterias for gear down

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are there any criterias for the gear down command ?
for example distance to airport or radio altitude ?

Watching some 737ng Videos I have the impression, that the gear down comes close to the 2500 ft radio altitude coming alive...


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Re: Criterias for gear down

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It might be dependant on the operators SOPs. Common is to lower the gear at 4NM from threshold, go flaps 15, complete the landing checklist to flaps in VMC conditions. If you are in IMC configuration could be a bit earlier at 5NM from threshold. Also if you are still fast consider dropping the gear a tad bit sooner.
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Re: Criteria for gear down

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@PJA pretty much has it on cue. ✅

Depending upon the approach type - gear down at the outer marker or at glideslope interception. 7 mile out is a good distance to aim for. If executing a delayed flap approach (to minimise fuel use and excessive noise), gear down is much later - around 4 mile out :shock:

The point at which gear is lowered is at the discretion of the pilot, however, often company policy will determine the distance (management dislike it when fuel is burnt unnecessarily when gear and flaps are extended 12 miles from the runway).

Hope this helps, WilloW ✈️
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