Buttkicker software for Prepared 3D v4

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Re: Buttkicker software for Prepared 3D v4

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pandine wrote: 04 Sep 2019, 05:06
Sudden81 wrote: 04 Sep 2019, 04:20 Hi!

I have slowly starten to be more and mor interested in both sound and vibration feedback. I came across this: http://bffsimulation.com/BFF_Shaker_Driver.php

Have anyone tryed bothe this and buttkicker with simsounds.

I am also thinking of accufeel.

Is it possible to combine all the different software and only use the most interesting parts.

Is it possible to use simsound together with BFF buttkicker system?

What is the most satisfying experience, opinion according to you?

I want to feel the taxing, gear and spoilers. That's the main part.
SimSounds allows you to enable and disable every single sound. You may download the demo version on http://www.simsounds.de if you like.
What about BFF buttkicker, will i work with that?
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Re: Buttkicker software for Prepared 3D v4

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pandine wrote: 05 Dec 2018, 09:32 Hi folks, with the next release of SimSounds I would like to support more airports:

Nürnberg, GER
Rotterdam, NLD
Eindhoven, NLD
Heathrow, GBR
Gatwick, GBR
Stansted, GBR
Liverpool, GBR
Manchester, GBR
Gibraltar, GB
Singapur, SGP
Atlanta, USA
Chicago O’Hare, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Dallas Fort Worth, USA
John F. Kennedy NewYork, USA
San Francisco, USA
Las Vegas, USA
Miami, USA,
Charlotte, USA
Denver, USA
Milan Malpensa, ITA
Milan Linate, ITA
Rome Fiumicino, ITA
Napoli, ITA
Salzburg, AUT
Madrid, ESP
Barcelona, ESP
Menorca, ESP
Malaga, ESP
Ibiza, ESP
Valencia, ESP
Lisboa, PRT
Paris Charles de Gaulle, FRA
Paris Orly, FRA
Istanbul Atatürk, TUR

What about your favorite? Any suggestions?
Hi, very nice software, thanks a lot, if is possible for you to add this Airports please?

SKBO Bogota, Colombia
SKRG Rionegro, Colombia
SKCL Cali,Colombia
SKBQ Barranquilla, Colombia
SKSM Santa Marta, Colombia
SKCC Cucuta, Colombia
SKBG, Bucaramanga, Colombia
SKCG cartagena, Colombia
SKSP San Andres, Colombia
TNCM Saint Martin, Netherlands Antilles.
Diego Sarmiento.
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Re: Buttkicker software for Prepared 3D v4

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Greek Islands? Crete (Heraklion LGIR), Rhodes, Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Zakynthos, Corfu, Santorini, Kos, etc. Would be nice to get applause at Samos or Skiathos.
Regards, Koosch.

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