Fine tuning FSUIPC3.999

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Fine tuning FSUIPC3.999

Post by Aussie123 »

Hello I know Peter is on holiday but I thought I would ask the experienced members the question anyway.

I have just upgraded my old 24 port managed switch from a 10/100 to a 24 port Gigabit switch. I have 7 computers in my shed network with printers etc. Not connected to the outside world.

Everything does run a lot smoother. I think the distributed hardware is responding better.

One thing I was wondering, are there changes that people have made to the FSUIPC INI file to match the speed of Switches nowadays?

I note there is a delay for Project Magenta in it. Can I remove it or does Prosim use the same delay?
There are another lot of variables in there that I was wondering if they are throttling back the speed?

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Re: Fine tuning FSUIPC3.999

Post by dvincent »

First: I removed the double post, probably a mistake or error of Tapatalk.

Second: I haven't adjusted something in the FSUIPC.ini regarding the speed. I use FSX and P3D actually but before in FS9 I didn't change anything either.

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