Simworld Hardware Tested with ProSim V3

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Simworld Hardware Tested with ProSim V3

Post by kit0074 »

Just a little update may be your guys need someone who have Simworld equipment and tested with Prosim V3

I have Simworld MIP (MCP + Glare + MIP Panel), Simworld CDU, Simworld OVH + AFT, and Simworld Pedestal

Right now, MCP is very weird it's freeze from time to time, and when you turn the knot the No. is also delay

include with Sixpack and master Caution.
Software : PrePar3D V5 + ProSim 738 V.2.32
Hardware : i7 Gen 10th + 32 GB Ram + RTX3090 + SSD (SimWorld MIP + FWD, AFT OVH + Pedestal+ CFY Throttle + FSC Frame)
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Re: Simworld Hardware Tested with ProSim V3

Post by bobs737 »

I too have Simworld's MIP, CDU, MCP & EFIS. My problem existed before V3 but the main issue is the MCP displays have a delay of 30 seconds to 4+ minutes before they show the correct settings. For example, after I take off and it's time to press the CMD button, the aircraft responds but the light on the MCP does not come on right away. Same with LNAV, VNAV etc. If I change the heading, the MCP display will not show the correct course due to the delay. Same with ALT and the rest.

I'm at a lost as to what to do. Are you still having problems?


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Re: Simworld Hardware Tested with ProSim V3

Post by willow »


If there is a compatibility issue or otherwise, you should include the logs so Humberto can review the issue.

Also, the title of the post does not indicate there is a problem. So, how is a reader to know without opening the thread......

Whenever I have an issue with the SW MCP freezing (every now and again) I find that disconnecting and reconnecting the power plug from the rear of the MCP rectifies the issue. Not the best solution, but it solves the problem.

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