Prosim 737 V2 and X-Plane

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Re: Prosim 737 V2 and X-Plane

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Couldn´t agree more with Ist14. Haven´t writtten here for a while.
Too bad that ProSim and Laminar/Austin didn´t want to work with each other. I really like ProSim a lot when I fly other guys sims.
Maybe it´s time to reconsider if PS and XP should not play together nicely!!

Here is not the right place to explain my uphill battle to build my sim. Anybody who is interested might look on FB for XP Homecockpit (German and English).

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Re: Prosim 737 V2 and X-Plane

Post by jamang1999 »

To begin this post, I'd like to say that I understand that Prosim is a small company, making a product that is used by relatively few people, so working on making Prosim compatible with another simulator platform may take quite some time and investment, but I’d still like to say a few things in support of X-Plane in the hope that it is not indefinitely ruled out as a consideration.

In some posts last year Lapi said:
Lapi wrote: 02 Dec 2017, 21:44Do you know the percentage of the X-plane user-base compared to FSX-P3D?
Lapi wrote: 03 Dec 2017, 00:54at present X-plane comprises 2.7% of the desktop users, therefore this ratio doesn't necessarily urge a wise company.
Navigraph just released the report from their 2018 survey of “more than 15,000 respondents”. Back in 2016, X-Plane only had 10% market share, with FSX/P3D making up the rest. Now however, X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D V4 are almost equally as popular - people spend more time using P3D but X-Plane 11 is the most popular overall.
Additionally, although 61% of respondents are not considering to switch, 19.8% are considering using X-Plane more often, compared with 15.6% for Prepar3D.

Having used P3D for the last two years I understand that P3D is a more accurate option, however there are reasons why I would still prefer to switch back to X-Plane, namely the graphics. This is subjective, but I feel that X-Plane looks better ‘out-of-the-box’. And although there are some great add-ons for P3D (airports, textures, clouds, weather, etc.) there are more free options for X-Plane. I have installed over 100 great-looking 3D airports in X-Plane at a total cost of $0, but if I were paying >$20 for each of these like in P3D I’d be down at least $2000. Payware is always going to be better than freeware, but the fact that so many skilled people put the time and effort into creating free airports for X-Plane is a huge drawcard.

Link to the Navigraph report is below. It contains some interesting statistics about flight simulator usage: ... -final.pdf
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Re: Prosim 737 V2 and X-Plane

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I think it is merely wishful thinking when you truly believe and propagate the results of the Navigraph survey.
You probably cannot seriously believe that the ratio between the two known sims have just risen from 3-4 percent to 100% in a single year or so.
Food for thought:

- The Navigraph user-base consists the "hardcore" simmers, capable of reading and using charts working with different FMCs, etc.
- Compare the results with the AVSIM poll, which at least represents a much wider base.
- Many many users (non hard-core ones) are still using FSX, thus the very strangely low usage of the old-sim sounds a bit fishy in itself.
- Look at the list of sponsors of the survey and you will have a clue on what's going on...
- Have a look at how many teenagers or folks in their early 20's are supposedly filled the survey and you may have your objective doubts.

Do not take a result like that for granted, because at the same time your wishful thinking simply cheats yourself.
"Fake news" as a fashionable politician would declare...

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Re: Prosim 737 V2 and X-Plane

Post by dvincent »

Anyway, no need to insist or bothering with this kind of questions.
The answer is NO and it remains NO

And not open for debate.


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