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ProSimB738 version 3.22

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Nov 23 2022 Release Version 3.22
- [Flight controls] Fixed speed brake automation
- [Flight controls] Implemented auto-slat
- [Flight controls] Fixed alternate flaps motor speed
- [Flight controls] Added trim wheel encoder element
- [Autoflight] Do not use direct simulator signal for VOR strategy
- [Autoflight] Consolidated ILS LOC signal
- [Engines] Improved starter valve closing timings
- [Electrical] Added transient protection to GPS receiver
- [Fire protection][Professional][PAR-7806] Fixed inextinguishable engine 2 fire failure

- [CPFlight] Added command to blank ISFD display
Note. Requires ISFD firmware upgrade
- [CPFlight][ISFD] Implemented ISFD FW version 1.7
- [CPFlight][ISFD] Improved APP mode handler
- [Flight controls] Added trim wheel encoder element
- [FSC][CDU] Fixed page not updating in some conditions
- [FSC][CDU] Fixed degree symbol parsing
- [FSC][TQ] Fixed gear warning cutout switch not working
- [GoFlight] Fixed null exception when MCP detected
- [Pokeys] Added support for pokeys ext bus
Note: No specific configuration needed. Just assign the new output in combined config.
Only output boards are supported (indicators and gates). Tested with PoRelays8 and PoExtBusOC16
Extension boards are not detected, so Prosim will send the signal to the assigned output, regardless if there is a board connected or not
It is up to the user to verify if the extension board is properly connected and the order of boards if mixing boards

- [Displays][PFD] Fixed scale source text overlay
- [Displays] Link spoiler indication to spoiler panel

- [ProSimAudio1] Fixed audio app crash when closing ProSim System and intercom is configured
- Added ProSimAudio2 (BETA)
Note: Refer to forum for more info [viewtopic.php?f=121&t=25449]

- [ProSimIOS] Fixed crash when airport has no name
- [Simconnect] Fixed N1 prediction stutters
- [FS2020] Fixed ISFD baro setting not working in simconnect mode
- [Misc] Added cockpit setup option to virtualize ILS signal
Note: Virtual navaids should be enabled
- [Misc] Fixed slats animations for fs2020
- [Misc] Added pax weight cockpit setup option
- [Misc] Fixed some incorrect licensing text
- [CDU] Added weight limit when setting load stations from cdu page
- [CDU] Updated CDU maint weight page text
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