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ProSimB738 version 3.18

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Jun 03 2022 Release Version 3.18
- [Navigation] Added AoA Disagree flag
- [Navigation] Fixed ILS transmitter failures causing ILS flags
- [Navigation] Added individual ILS channels (LOC/GS) failures
- [FMS] Added max CRZ N1 tables
- [FMS] Improved MAX CON N1 value
- [FMS][PROGRESS] Make sure correct route source data is in use for predictions
- [FMS][FIX] Register all runways from origin/destination
- [LNAV] Fixed CI to FD sequencing
- [LNAV] Offset improvements
- [LNAV] Fixed intercept into CF with turn
- [LNAV] Do not allow bypass for waypoints with overfly
- [Flight Controls] Fixed auto trim with AP off
- [Flight Controls] Fixed overrun trim in some conditions
- [Engines] Fixed negative N1 with engine off and WAI ON
- [Engines] Improved reverser indication logic

- [Approach Ref] Added frequency flag
- [Approach Ref] Improved CRS flag

- [CPFlight] Added standby module
- [CPFlight] Improved communication flow control
- [CPFlight] Fixed Ethernet CDU color option not persistent

- [FSUIPC] Improved FS Command offset logic
- [ProSimIOS] Added support for new IVAO data format
- [Audio] Updated audio files
- [Misc] Fixed occasional ProSim not responsive at startup, in FSUIPC mode, if simulator is not running
- [QTG] Ignore calibration and augmentation if SDK driver is in use
- [SDK] Added SDK printer datarefs
aircraft.datalink.printer.enabled - Enables the SDK print queue.
Enabling the queue will disable any other printer selected in datalink config, regardless if it is enabled or not.
It will also make the PRINT prompt available for a printable message
aircraft.datalink.printer.control - SDK printer control.
Query: returns number of print jobs on hold in queue
Print: returns the content of the first print job available
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