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ProSimB738 version 3.13

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Dec 13 2021 Release Version 3.13
- [Navigation] Fixed Below GS signal
- [FMS] Fixed wind data source
- [FMS] Fixed CDU crash when adding PBD waypoint at the end of flight plan
- [FMS] Fixed manual N1 reset
- [Landing gear] Fixed brake temperature indication
- [Electrical] Fixed wrong Ampere values
- [PROSIM737-182][Autoflight] Fixed AP engaging with trim cutout
- [PROSIM737-182][Autoflight] Added control column cutout functionality
- [Engines][Startup] Logic reviewed and improved
- [Engines] Fixed Shutdown engine problem
- [Engines][Commercial] Added severe damage failure
- [Engines][Startup] Fixed N1 ending difference from start sequence and P3D model
- [Engines] Fixed reversers when switch is used as input

- [CPFlight] Fixed BLEED LEFT / BLEED TRIP LEFT swapped indicators

- [QTG] Fixed QTG transport delay screens
- [FS2020][Autoflight] Tuned MCP speed / level change mode
- [FS2020][Simconnect][Communications] Fixed COM1 handling
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed airworks altitude
- [WebIOS][Commercial] Fixed some elements missing from SERVICE tab
- [Misc] Added further log to webserver
- [Misc] Fixed several sim elements linked to incorrect license
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