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ProSimB738 version 3.10

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Sep 17 2021 Release Version 3.10
- [CDU] Improved INIT/REF key behavior
- [FMS] Fixed null exception when speed error exists without speed restriction
- [FMS][Commercial] Added cockpit setup option to disable UNABLE NEXT ALT alert message (Debug option)
- [FMS] Prevent intercept line to be drawn in some conditions
- [FMS] G/A rework
- [FMS] Improved LOC CAP ACTIVE advisory message
- [FMS] Revised trim tables
- [FMS] Revised V speed tables
- [FMS] Fixed vSpeed calculation always using 26K table
- [FMS] Fixed TOGA not engaging in raw mode (no fms data)
- [FMS] Fixed empty fuel predictions when arrival not entered yet
- [FMS][RTE] Improved RTE page sequencing
- [FMS][RTE] Intercept line should only be visible with LNAV active
- [FMS][RTE] Fixed FROM leg showing in some conditions
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed PBD waypoints not accepted in some conditions
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed rwy waypoint rename when selected for a DIRECT TO
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed issue causing multiple lines to be magenta
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed DISCO not added before STAR in some conditions
- [FMS][CLB] Fixed cruise level handler
- [FMS][TAKEOFF] Improved N1 value refresh
- [FMS][N1 LIMIT] Selecting D-TOn, should automatically select equivalent D-CLBn
- [FMS][N1 LIMIT] Fixed assumed temp not resetting after rwy/departure change
- [FMS][N1 LIMIT] Fixed derates not resetting after departure or runway change
- [FMS][DEP ARR] Fixed CDU crash in some instances
- [FMS][DEP ARR] Fixed missing approach transition when IAN is enabled
- [FMS][PROGRESS 4] Fixed missing vertical deviation
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed MOD not updating PPOS hold
- [FMS][HOLD] Added DISCO after PPOS hold
- [FMS][CLB] Fixed missing climb restriction at LSK1R

Landing Gear
- [Landing Gear] Fixed rudder not controlling nose wheel steering
Note: Rudder pedals will now control nose wheel steering when independent mode is active
- [Landing Gear] Added nose wheel steering failure
- [Landing Gear] Added towing pin control (IOS and CDU MAINT)

- [Engines] Fixed ground FF
- [Engines] Vibration failures reworked

- [Autoflight] Allow MCP speed to be in upper amber band
- [APU][Commercial] Added APU generator failure
- [Wxr Radar] Fixed AUTO mode not working properly
Note: P3D/AS does not provide true auto mode functionality. So just auto tilt is provided based on aircraft pitch
- [Engine Faults][Commercial] Fixed incorrect flight deck effects for several start faults
- [Lighting] Added pedestal panel light control elements
- [EGPWS] Added (E) modes: Terrain Ahead, TCF and RFCF

- [PFD] Make sure VSS flag is NO when in air
- [ProSimDisplay] Fixed Oxygen pressure gauge
- [ProSimDisplay] Fixed mouse dragging issues
- [ProSimDisplay] Fix Windows 8 and AMD issue
- [ND] Fixed wxr fail flags
- [ND] Fixed extra wxr annunciation on FO ND
- [SEI] Fixed pointers going out of scale
- [SEI] Fixed pop up not working when vibration goes amber
- [EICAS] Fixed vibration not changing to amber when above limit
- [General] Fixed image encoder rotation issues

- [CPFlight][Overhead] Fixed solenoids resetting after light test
- [CPFlight][Overhead] Fixed indicator mappings
- [FDS Ethernet] Removed empty spaces from host name to allow proper module detection
- [CPFlight] Added option to swap gain/tilt controls for new wxr radar panel
- [CPFlight] Updated AUTO and L/R mapping to latched type
- [CPFlight][CDU PRO] Added backlight control from pedestal

- [ProSimIOS][Professional] Added towing PIN control
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed existent triggered failures not shown on IOS when ProSimSystem was started first
- [ProSimIOS][Commercial] Added support for windshear without Active Sky
- [Control Loading] Fixed several issues
- [Misc] Fixed NWS for combined mode
- [Misc] Added cockpit setup option to show/hide N1 Gauge caret value (green max N1)
- [Misc] Added cockpit setup option to show N1 Gauge caret value with assumed temp calculation
- [Misc] Improved CPU usage
- [Misc] Fixed analog trim elements range
- [Misc] Fixed SDK not working
- [Misc] Added analog trim elements
- [Misc] Also sync STD when Captain QNH controls F/O QNH option is enabled
- [Misc] Virtual navaids enabled by default
- [Misc] Added wiki user manual link to the Help menu
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