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ProSimB738 version 3.08

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Jul 20 2021 Release Version 3.08
- [FMS][VNAV] Added VNAV ALT cockpit setup option
- [FMS][VNAV] Added MCP altitude capture inhibit
Note: When in a LNAV/VNAV approach, it should be possible to select missed approach altitude in the MCP without reverting the pitch mode
- [FMS][VNAV] Added deceleration segments
Note: If required, VNAV will add a shallower deceleration segment to comply with speed restrictions
- [FMS][VNAV] Added idle descent FPA adjustable for speed
Note: Idle descend segment will be steeper for higher descend speeds and shallower for slower descend speeds. This will change the T/D location.
- [FMS][VNAV] Added energy compensation program (beta)
Note: If descending and in VNAV ALT, target speed will be adjusted to compensate for vertical deviation from the path
- [FMS][VNAV] Added cockpit setup option to enable energy compensation
- [FMS][VNAV] Added cockpit setup option to change VNAV speed descend thresholds
Defaults are set to +15/-10. Possible values are [+|-][5|10|15]
- [FMS][VNAV] Added (shallower) approach decel segment
- [FMS][VNAV] Added cockpit setup option to enable gradual commanded speed (beta)
Note: When a speed reduction is commanded by the VNAV, change will happen gradually.
- [FMS][VNAV] VNAV PATH upper threshold exceedance logic revised to comply with FMS version
Note: Not applicable to the NG. Part of the NG/MAX base FMS work.
U14 will revert to SPD.
Up to U13 will trigger DRAG REQUIRED and mode will remain on PATH
- [FMS][VNAV] Allow engagement of VNAV during a G/A if above 400 RA
- [FMS][VNAV] Reviewed early descent
- [FMS][VNAV] Reviewed CRZ DES mode
- [FMS][VNAV] Reviewed historic vnav speed
- [FMS][VNAV] Do not command descend speed if near T/D and cruise speed is lower than descend speed
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed VNAV not remembering previous commanded speed if VNAV refreshed
Note: When a change is made requiring VNAV to recalculate and A/C has a restricted speed, VNAV was not using previous cmd speed, but default one.
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed Thrust mode not reverting to MCP SPEED with SPD INT
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed ALT INT deleting all constraints during climb
Note: When climbing, ALT INT was deleting all constraints for the entire route if MCP altitude above last climb restriction
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed VNAV not engaging in some conditions
Note: When FMS is already in descend or approach phase, it is not possible to re-engage VNAV for a climb if aircraft is still before TOD.
This can happen after a reposition.
- [FMS][VNAV] Revised thrust mode for path descend
- [FMS][VNAV] SPD INT should reset if VNAV SPD selected from CDU
- [FMS][VNAV] SPD DES should revert to PATH DES when active leg has fixed FPA
- [FMS][VNAV] Changing Common VNAV option should revert VNAV
Note: Common VNAV option requires VNAV to be recycled to get proper logic. If changing this option, VNAV will revert to ALT HOLD/MCP SPD to force re-engagement.
- [FMS][VNAV] Improved UNABLE CRUISE ALT message to verify climb/descent overlap situation
- [FMS][VNAV] Improved vertical and thrust modes for descent to prevent flickering in some conditions
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed SPEED DES overshooting alt constraints
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed block altitude restriction
Note: When a block altitude restriction was not complied, the lowest altitude value was used as target
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed VNAV mode when engaging below path
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed early descend
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed null exception when trying to engage VNAV from ALT HOLD
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed altitude restrictions when added to a SID waypoint after T/C
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed vnav speeds reference
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed SPD PATH change to levelling off if below path
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed VNAV DES SPEED thrust mode not always ARM
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed VNAV not acquiring constraint when in VNAV SPD DES mode
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed misplaced default decel marker
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed SPD INT not reverting to VNAV SPD
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed gradual CMD speed when flaps not up
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed locked commanded speed
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed flaps up speed commanded without DECEL marker
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed commanded speed not limited to flap speed while in cruise
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed TOO STEEP message for fixed GP legs
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed missed approach segment after G/A not having proper VNAV data
Note: When performing a GA, T/D and DECEL markers were added if discontinuity is present after last waypoint
- [FMS] Added "Common VNAV" cockpit setup option (beta)
- [FMS] Added small margin to altitude difference when trying to engage VNAV already at cruise altitude
- [FMS] Added cockpit setup option to change ALT INT mode [Delete all restrictions to MCP altitude | Delete first restriction only]
Note: This option will change the behaviour of the ALT INT mode when deleting a restriction. Default is deleting all to MCP altitude.
- [FMS][PROSIM737-112] Added "BUFFET ALERT" message
- [FMS] Improved approach mode logic
- [FMS] Improved G/A phase logic
- [FMS] Revised G/A thrust mode
- [FMS] Revised "CHECK FMC FUEL QUANTITY" message
- [FMS] Revised ECON default speeds for lower flight levels
- [FMS] Fixed invalid route when performing a GA
- [FMS] Fixed calculation of altitude constraint waypoints not working until a/c reached 500 feet
- [FMS] Fixed rounding issue with commanded speed
- [FMS] Fixed "INSUFFICIENT FUEL" message
- [FMS][PROSIM737-124] Fixed "USING RSV FUEL" message
- [FMS] Fixed issue when PERF INIT data change causes VNAV to revert to ALT HOLD
- [FMS] Fixed speed parser
- [FMS] Fixed N1 value not retained when using N1 manual mode
- [FMS] Fixed ALT INT deleting all restrictions in certain conditions
- [FMS] Fixed CLB/CRZ/DES mode not reverting to ECON when CI is changed
- [FMS] Fixed both CDU entering PLAN STEP mode when only one EFIS is in PLAN
- [FMS] Fixed small issue with N1 output string format
- [FMS] Fixed empty VNAV when no origin is entered
Note: After a reposition, normally just the destination is entered. This was causing VNAV to be empty.
- [FMS][IDENT][U13] Fixed CDU crash when companyroutes count is greater than 5
- [FMS][IDENT] Updated model to 737-800W for accuracy. SFP option will add .1 to AC model
- [FMS][POS SHIFT] Fixed null exception when IRSes not aligned
- [FMS][PERF INIT] Fixed TA modifying FMS
- [FMS][PERF LIMITS] Fixed default speeds not restricted by perf limits
Note: Manual target speeds are not affected by perf limits
- [FMS][RTE] Improvements to company routes loading
Note: It is possible now to load company route without clearing existing SID/STAR (if airports are the same)
- [FMS][U13][RTE] Fixed RTE1/RTE2 mixed up ARR/DEP
- [FMS][U13][RTE] Fixed RTE1/RTE2 CO RTE handler
- [FMS][U13][RTE2] Fixed TAKE OFF speeds deleted when changing inactive route origin runway
- [FMS][RTE] Fixed line not deleting when VIA has value and TO is empty
- [FMS][U13][RTE2] Fixed CDU reset when trying to edit RTE2 segments
- [FMS][U13][RTE2] Fixed RTE2 PLAN mode indexed to RTE1
- [FMS][LEGS] Improved PLAN CTR reset
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed magenta colour when MOD
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed first speed/alt restriction not magenta
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed dual disco in specific conditions
Note: A dual disco was happening when selecting an APP/STAR before a SID, without any further waypoints in between.
- [FMS][LEGS] Removed predicted speeds/altitudes and eta when leg is inactive missed approach
- [FMS][LEGS] RTE data should only show or allow modification of wind for cruise legs
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed wind intensity formatting
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed winds populating backwards
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed speed/altitude restriction data entry
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed along track waypoints slightly off course
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed custom waypoint renaming when moved to top leg
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed PLAN STEP not going back to 1st page when reaching end of route
- [FMS][DEP ARR][PAR-5584] Fixed ROUTE prompt not visible (LSK6R) for modified routes
- [FMS][DEP ARR] Improved delay when selecting arrival
- [FMS][ARR DEP] Fixed selection of ARR for origin not resetting destination data
- [FMS][DEP ARR] Fixed ARR for origin showing departures
- [FMS][CLB][DES] Fixed AT XXXXX if BLOCK altitude restriction
- [FMS][CLB] Improved econ mode calculation
- [FMS][CLB] Improved target speed logic
- [FMS][CLB] Fixed cruise altitude visible and magenta when on cruise
- [FMS][CLB] Fixed AT / ERR AT not using modified source
- [FMS][CRZ] Improved econ mode calculation
- [FMS][CRZ] Improved target speed logic
- [FMS][CRZ] Fixed rounding issue with Cruise CAS speed
- [FMS][DES] Implemented PATH/SPEED mode change
- [FMS][DES] Speed/path prompt should not be visible if active leg has fixed FPA
- [FMS][DES] Improved econ mode calculation
- [FMS][DES] Improved target speed logic
- [FMS][DES] Fixed null exception when EOD is invalid
- [FMS][DES] Added speed to AT XXXXX (LSK1R)
- [FMS][DES] Hide vertical deviation if less than 10
- [FMS][DES] Fixed target speed entry
Note: When trying to enter mach, CAS value was deleted
- [FMS][DES] Fixed WPT/ALT data entry
Note: When not in descend phase, it should not be possible to enter WPT/ALT
- [FMS][DES FORECAST] Improved T/D calculation to use descend winds first if populated
Note: Idle descend segment will be adjusted for T/D wind from CRZ and DES FORECAST winds.
- [FMS][DES FORECAST] Fixed TL modifying FMS
- [FMS][APPROACH REF] Added cockpit setup option to allow vref speed entry on ground
- [FMS][PROGRESS 1] Fixed ATA and FUEL when FROM waypoint is departing runway
- [FMS][PROGRESS 1] Reworked fuel predictions
- [FMS][PROGRESS 1] Fixed no fuel data in some conditions
- [FMS][RTA][Commercial] RTA will only be avail with beta releases
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed decel marker for inactive missed approach segment
Note: When a HOLD is present in an inactive missed approach segment, a speed decel marker should not be available
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed hold fuel calculation
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed EFC time not updating destination ETA
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed EFC not accounted for fuel prediction at destination
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed CDU crash when hold waypoint is after disco and last in route
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed MOD route not updating HOLD EXIT when armed
- [FMS][HOLD] Prevent EFC data entry to be lower than ETA
- [FMS][FIX] Fixed formatting issue when distance is more than 10
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed offset after DCT TO
- [FMS][OFFSET] Improved calculation of start/exit waypoints when no data entered
- [FMS][OFFSET] Changed entry from 30 to 45 degrees
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed issue where OFFSET from PPOS triggers UNABLE OFFSET
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed drawing issue when PPOS L offset entry does not fit in available distance to next waypoint
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed leg index when calculating allowable offset entry distance
- [FMS][OFFSET] Improved UNABLE OFFSET message logic
- [FMS][OFFSET] Changed START WAYPOINT mandatory when offset from PPOS is not possible
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed offset not happening if current leg is DF and start waypoint entered
- [FMS][OFFSET] Added further validation to ppos offset to prevent drawing issues
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed crash when doing offset after a direct to from a previous offset
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed crash with ppos offset
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed offset when no end leg is entered
Note: Creating an offset without end leg, was causing the offset to reset
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed offset when aircraft not on track
- [FMS][OFFSET] improved offset validation due to internal offset model limitations
- [FMS][OFFSET] Fixed lnav crashing when adding a PPOS offset
- [FMS][OFFSET] Improved leg validation logic
- [RNP] Fixed approach RNP mode
Note: Fixes an issue when close to approach IF and above 3000ft, RNP mode was changing between ENR and APP.
- [CDU] Auto switch to CLIMB page when executing a G/A

- [Autopilot] Revised VNAV law
- [MCP] Added numerical test mode
- [PROSIM737-116] Added source off to dual channel approach monitor
- [AutoThrotle][Commercial] Fixed AT failure
- [Autoflight] Fixed attempt to manual C/O if speed window is closed
- [Autoflight] Fixed wrong commanded speed format when C/O pressed
- [Autoflight] Fixed commanded mach exceeding MMO while descending
- [Autoflight] Fixed autopilot CMD monitoring
- [Autoflight] Small adjustment to GS capture mode
- [Autoflight][Professional] Reviewed operational autoland annunciations
- [Auto Throttle] Improved general FMC SPD / MCP SPD thrust control
- [Auto Throttle] Improved FMC SPD / MCP SPD thrust modes to prevent overshooting of commanded speed while levelling off
- [Auto Throttle] Fixed AT not working in some conditions
Note: If Aspirated TAT is disabled and after an air reposition with an FMS reset, it is not possible to set OAT in N1 page.
This fixe will allow AT to engage in this condition.

- [Parking Brake] Revised release gate logic
- [Fire Protection] Improved Engine Overheat failure with higher EGT indication
- [Engines][Commercial] Added "No Oil Pressure Rise" failure
- [Engines][Start Valve] Fixed valve not closing failure not having correct indications
note: Indication should include a blinking, then remain illuminated. Just the blinking was happening.
- [Equip Cooling] System overhaul
- [Equip Cooling][Commercial] Added "Exhaust Equipment Cooling" failures
- [CDS] Added CDS FAULT failure
- [WXR Radar] Added option to select radar mode [Single | Dual] Default: Single
Note: Select "Dual" if you have a split controls wxr radar panel.
This will make left and right wxr radar sweep to be controlled independently.
- [WXR Radar] Fixed ASN radar image not shown on display
- [APU] Reworked ECU logic
Note: LOW OIL PRESSURE will not trigger MC if APU not running.
APU indicators will remain illuminated for 5 minutes after switch is in the OFF position.
- [Hydraulics] Fixed system pressure to be 2700 with elec pumps only
- [Electrical] Added GEN auto transfer when airborne

- [Engine failures][Commercial] Reviewed failures to have correct cockpit effects
- [BITE] Fixed missing FQIS subsystem
- [BITE] Fixed CDS ground tests crashing display instance
- [FM] Improved flight model detection
- [CompanyRoutes] Added capability to read companyroutes file from ProgramData\ProSim-AR\ProSimB738 folder
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed overriding real-time Active Sky weather after position change
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed some recording parameters could not be imported/exported
- [SDK] Added aircraft.flightControls.trim.aileron.normalized and aircraft.flightControls.trim.rudder.normalized datarefs
- [Misc] Renamed LE Flap extension scheme option to Short Field Package
- [Misc] FMS reset now requires EXEC
Note: Added to prevent accidental reset.
- [Misc] Added cockpit setup option to select Thrust Mode Annunciation [Option 1|Option 2]
Option 1
TO: [TO | TO 1 | TO 2 | D-TO | D-TO 1 | D-TO 2]
CLB: [CLB | CLB 1 | CLB 2]
Option 2
TO: [TO | R-TO]
- [Misc] Added cockpit setup option to enable the VNAV speed band on the ND
- [Misc] Set default glide angle to 3 degrees
Note: Older prosim flight models require a value between 2.6 and 2.7. P3D/FS2020 flight models require a 3.0 value.
A new install will set this value to 3, but if updating from previous version requires the value to be checked and updated to 3 if using a P3D/FS2020 ProSim flight model.
- [Misc] Fixed additional T/C marker when modifying route
- [Misc] Fixed unit text size on several CDU pages
- [Misc] Fixed rounding issue with CLB/DES CAS speeds
- [Misc] Added CVR release gate
Note: It will trip the CVR switch from ON to AUTO when any engine running
- [Misc] Added cockpit setup option to show trim value on display trim indicator
- [Misc] Improved LEGS DATA handling to prevent some parser issues with some CDU hardware
Note: LEGS RTE DATA page when showing on the FSC CDU, the small Z from the ETA is in the wrong position
- [Misc][PSDB-479] Added anti-collision light gate
- [Misc][Commercial] Added alternate coordinate validation option to cockpit setup
- [Misc] Fixed spurious LAND ALT flag during flight
- [Misc] Improved course mismatch logic when virtual navaids option is disabled
- [Misc] Fixed simulator Active Sky status no longer continuously refreshing without actual update

- [ND] Fixed default decel segment markers
- [ND] Fixed DECEL markers
- [ND] Fixed CTE showing [L|R] when 0
- [ND] Fixed intercept route (dashed magenta) in some conditions
- [ND] Fixed radial lines not properly drawn
- [ND] Fixed DME signal when ILS is tuned
- [PFD][Speed Tape][PSDB-482] Fixed V1 value not visible when off scale
- [PFD][Speed Tape] Fixed speed band drawing in some cases
- [PFD][SPEED TAPE] Improved speed trend vector shape
- [PFD][SPEED TAPE] Fixed speed trend vector logic
- [EICAS] Fixed SEI not popping up for high oil temperatures
- [MCP] Fixed reversed VS mouse scroll and animation tuned
- [MCP] Improved acceleration

- [CPFlight] Added split control mappings to new WXR RDR panel
- [CPFlight] Fixed reverted switch inputs for new WXR panel
- [CPFlight][PROSIM737-134] Added CVR mappings
- [CPFlight] Fixed strobe & steady switch for the new ethernet overhead
- [CPFlight] Fixed CAB/UTIL and IFE switches for the new ethernet overhead
- [CPFlight][PAR-5283] Fixed ISFD altitude
Note: If ISFD hardware is used, "Captain QNH controls FS QNH" and "Slave ISFD barometric setting to Capt EFIS" should be disabled
- [Simworld][SW-82] Remove leading zeroes from ALT and VS displays
- [FDS Ethernet] Refactored hardware detection
Note: Advanced window was removed, and hardware implementation is based on the device hostname. This will allow device PnP implementation within ProSim.
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