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ProSim B738 for FS2020 current status

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Hello Simmers,

Perhaps you have noticed, that today we made our ProSimB738 for FS2020 available for you.
Please note that this is a Preliminary - preview version.

The ProSimB738 MSFS2020 state:

With the arrival of FS2020 new hopes and dreams have entered the flight simulator world. Given the new graphics engine and a new worldwide scenery database that rivals the best for P3D, we also see new opportunities to improve home cockpit setups, although in its present state, MSFS doesn’t really have the specific features to support an average cockpit.
With a new platform comes new changes in underlying flight modeling code, mostly undocumented. Much is still unknown regarding third party development for FS2020. We have been working hard with the new platform to adapt our ProSimB738 product for maximum compatibility. We were not always able to solve issues we encountered. What we release today should be considered an FS2020 preview, just as it was for our first FS2020 release, the A320.
ProSimB738 FS2020 integration comes in the form of a new FS2020 addon aircraft, which is controlled through the regular ProSimB738-system application.
Shortcomings that currently exist are:

• Engine start/stop
There could be some slight inconsistencies related to engine-start. We’ve been trying all tricks, but so far FS2020 does not always respond to the standard engine start/stop commands. Mostly it means that you have stopped your engines at a parking or gate, but there could be cases when it will not start again properly.
This scenario depends on the .flt files (runway.FLT, apron.FLT, etc.) which you can find under our plane’s folder. These “situational” files mainly define what is ON or OFF when the flight is loaded or started. But these files were made for planes with complete VC-panels, including switches and the like.
As our ProSimB738 is a fully external solution, FS2020 sometimes “expects” certain variables to be set, as if we had a VC with the corresponding switches and gauges. If you find discrepancies related to this phenomenon, just restart your flight from the Main-menu.

• Although this new version is mainly based on SimConnect, it still works with FSUIPC. (You need the payware version of FSUIPC7 for the purpose).
We haven’t tested all features under the FSUIPC-mode, so please do provide feedback on this.
It may easily happen that some of your specific hardware (like certain script-based THQs), will not perfectly work under FS2020, so you either need a different script or the hardware needs to be setup differently.

• Lighting
Due to issues in the FS2020 platform, specific lighting controls are not functioning. We worked around this by controlling lights the old-fashioned way, but this does not allow us to specifically control all individual lights. Some lights can only be controlled per group (beacon lights, strobe lights, etc.). Asobo is working a on a new effect system, so it is unlikely they will fix this problem, but the new effect-system will hopefully solve it eventually.

• Flight model
Much time went into experimenting with the flight model code. We have not been able to come up with any consistent results with the ‘Modern’ version of the flight model. It is mostly undocumented, and we ran into lots of elevator trim issues, as all of the default Asobo planes use their internal FBW system to handle their vertical stability.
What’s called the ‘Legacy’ flight model, is using more documented data tables and gave us a much more accurate result. This flight model however is not a copy of what is in P3D. It is based on that, but FS2020 adds a new environmental system that interacts much more vividly with the aircraft. This often results in over exaggerated roll wobbles especially during slow flight.
Having said that, we were able to tune the model to allow for “representative” B738 behavior. It’s perhaps not 100% up to the standard we have in P3d, but we have every confidence that when more and more is documented and improved in FS2020, we will get closer and closer to the needed and proper behavior.
You will still get the basic engine, pitch, N1, thrust values to be the possible closest to the needed values.
Please do not forget that our model ONLY work in LEGACY mode!

• FS2020 and hardware
The new simulator has been initially planned only having a desktop user in mind. That’s why we do not yet have multiple monitor support and similar features.
But we, cockpit users, use several cards, i.o. cards, motor and servo cards, use USB hubs, sometimes in great quantity.
What FS2020 truly dislikes is: if it encounters too many hardware elements, when the simulator does its initial hardware check. This may result in greatly extended loading time, when you may see a black screen for not less than 40-70 minutes!
We requested Asobo to make it possible to skip the initial hardware check for those with cockpits, they were responsive and a ticket was filed, but as you can guess: our cockpit-builder community is not a high priority for MS-Asobo.
(If you have USB based Pokeys cards in your sim, make it certain you disable the “virtual joystick” function, otherwise you may experience an initial load of well over an hour).

• MSFS2020 came to the limelight mid-August last year. Since the initial release there were quite a few updates, fixes and changes.
Asobo, fortunately, has been continuously developing the sim, which is nice for all of us. But in this relatively slow process, some things considerably changed, so alas, our own development also suffered a bit during the development period. FS2020 is not a finished simulator considering its all aspects. You probably need to handle it like that and understand that it is a WIP (work in progress).

• Visual model
Our visual model is actually based on our latest 2020 version for P3D. There could be a point in the future when we might start working on a specific, new FS2020 visual model, but at present – we hope – the existing model will just suffice.

• Liveries
Older liveries are compatible with our visual model, but their bitmaps need to be differently named and converted to Asobo’s (BC7 dds) format.

• IOS controls
This is mostly environmental controls which are still unavailable in FS2020. Weather can only be changed in FS2020.
Given the short time that FS2020 has been on the market, we have every confidence that the platform and especially third party support will improve greatly in the near future. We will continue to adapt our products to get rid of all limitations that currently exist as soon as the base platform allows it.

• Things to remember:
- You need ProSim v3.03 beta 7 version or higher to run under FS2020.
Do not even try to run any older version of Prosim, as it will not work.
- You have to disable ALL "Piloting Assistance" before running our simulation and airplane! If you don't do that, the sim will try to interfere with normal operations.
- Our airplane comes with an empty VC-view. You will only see the lights if you try to look around, which is necessary, otherwise you wouldn't see any of the lights in this view.
- You need to set the "Flight Model" to LEGACY with ALL sliders to the right. So Legacy mode and not FSX mode!
- ProSim will NEVER work under FS2020 if your axes are NOT configured within ProSim! You will experience that the aircraft will soon become uncontrollable.
You MUST disable ALL control surfaces in FS2020 AND assign or define them in ProSim before you can make a successful flight.

Happy flying!

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