ProSimB738 version 3.00 (Update instructions)

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ProSimB738 version 3.00 (Update instructions)

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Due to the amount of changes the update from v2.x has to be done manually (not through the Version manager).

The latest proSimB738 version 3.xx could be downloaded from the official download page:

Here are the basic step-by-step update instructions:
1) Uninstall all installed previous versions of ProSim737 Flight & Visual model (using "Remove programs" feature in Windows). If you have an older ProSimA320 Flight & Visual model (from 2019 or before) installed, please uninstall that as well.
2) Download the v3 release zip archive from the link above.
3) Extract ProSimB738, start ProSimB738.exe and when prompted for the license key, select the 30 minutes evaluation version.
4) ProSim should detect the installed P3D version and suggest the installation of the ProSim P3D module. Please follow the instructions on the screen. If not automatically suggested, the P3D module could be downloaded manually from (Help -> Updates - Add ons).
5) Download and install the updated flight & visual model (Help -> Updates - Add ons) - version 1.32 - the Flight & Visual model is compatible with Prepar3D v4.5 and v5.x.
6) To copy the configuration and license data from your existing ProSim v2.x setup, please go to ProSimB738-System -> Config -> Import from V2 and select the path of your current ProSim v2.x (the ProSim737 folder).
7) ProSim will restart and after that, your configuration (incl. company routes and IOS settings) and license should be transferred. You can check your license data by opening the About window (ProSimB738-System -> Help -> About).
8) Extract and copy the ProSim modules (Display, CDU, Audio). We recommend creating a separate folder structure for the ProSim modules instead of overwriting the current v2.x modules.
Extract the new ProSim v3 modules to separate folders and then copy the corresponding config.xml files from the old v2.x modules folders.
It's important that no v2.x modules are running in combination with ProSimB738-System (and vice versa). So make sure to adjust your autostart routines on all your computers.

ProSimMCP has been removed, so all the MCP related configuration has to be done in ProSimB738-System -> Config -> Configuration. Please enable the appropriate drivers and options for your MCP and MCP based hardware modules.

You can have both ProSim v2.x and v3.x activated with one set of license keys as long as they both run on the same computer.
For setup/testing purposes, we recommend maintaining the existing v2.x setup and folder structure and create a parallel folder structure for v3.x - so you can switch back to v2.x in case of any issues.

The auto-update of the clients (Display, CDU, Audio...) won't work between v2.x and v3.x - every module has to be extracted manually from the v3.00 release file. Once running v3.00, the update to further v3.xx versions works automaticaly again through built-in version manager.

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