Thoughts on R/T in ProSimAudio

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Thoughts on R/T in ProSimAudio

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Recently a possibility was added to ProSimAudio to handle the VHF channels which are used for communication between ATC and the aircraft crew. ProSimAudio also supports intercom communication which is used between the pilots and a possible observer in the cockpit. Note that these channels are one way – from microphone to headset. As mentioned before the VHF channels are two-way: from ATC to cockpit and vice versa. Consequently they need to be treated differently. Currently one can select only VHF1 and VHF2, but it is unclear what their exact function is. They need to be changed into VHF1_RX, VHF1_TX and VHF2_RX, VHF2_TX. The RX channel receives a transmission from ATC and sends it to the selected output. The TX channel sends the audio from a pilot's microphone and sends it to an ATC clients.

ASN4 Metar (122.) -> VC_Cable -> VHF1_RX -> Playback Device or
vPilot -> VC_Cable -> VHF1_RX -> Playback Device

Capture Device -> VHF1_TX -> VC_Cable-> vPilot

I hope this makes sense.

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Re: Thoughts on R/T in ProSimAudio

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