4K Projectors on P3D

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4K Projectors on P3D

Post by Drrick »

Morning from Germany

1. I am using a set of 3 1080p UST laser projectors (Optoma)
I would like to upgrade to 4K UST Laser. My system uses an RTX 3090 GC, P3D and FlyElise, ProSimA320, VIP / Skalarki components.
Any experiences and setup guidelines? Will P3D be able to manage 4K? The new 4090 instead?
2. Any experience with MSFS 2000 and Multiview?

Cheers from Germany, see you all in Lelystad this weekend!

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Re: 4K Projectors on P3D

Post by Lufthansa182 »

That will be also interesting for me. I am thinking about the same upgrade.

Best regards from Germany
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Re: 4K Projectors on P3D

Post by jmlohrenz »

Is this a curved screen? How do the USTs work on that?
Jason L
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