Im back baby!

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Im back baby!

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After taking 18 months off from the simulator and from streaming… im officially back.

Everything is ready to go but the most underrated part is now the software configurations.

Since i got all new hardware and moved the sim to a new facility, all of the installations were made from scratch (including win 10).

The new pc that runs P3D v5.2 HFx is the following:

Asus macimus xiii apex
64gb ddr4 5000 ghz
3 x rtx 3090 (one for each display)
2 x koolance EXC 800 (one for cpu and another for the 3 gpu loops
Corsair 1600xi psu

Is there any advise of changes to keep in mind while i been away? Any tips on setting up the new flight model with p3d 5.2 and im running as always latest prosim beta version.

Im sooooo overwhelmed by the configuration part of the process. Especially since i been out of touch with everything sim related for 18 months.

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