Migration to New System

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Migration to New System

Post by NobbyH »

Hi Guys,

Its several years since I last posted on this forum, although I am still active ( an exaggeration somewhat! ). To recap a little of my history, I am a very ancient Programmer/PC-Meddler/Flight-Simmer/737-Cockpit-Builder/ Prosim737-User. The Programming I started after graduation in 1958; the PCs began with bare boards and kits of parts; Flight-Simming from its very beginning; and Cockpit-Building at the time of my 80th birthday. As I approach my 86th birthday, I decided to splash out and purchase, probably, my last ever PC, so I am seeking some advice on the best way to re-organise my systems.

My existing system is still more or less as described in a post called "My Rig" posted several years ago, It consists of one PC running: P3D V4 ; SIOC; Prosim737 v2.03; 3 Scenery displays, and a slew of USB devices. A separate system runs 4 MIP displays. The only changes I have made since then was to build a pedestal with 7 radio modules driven by a single Arduino Mega2560 with my own programming. (NB. I also posted a description of this under the title "Budget Pedestal". Since then I have revised this with a version using a pair of cheap 16-1 multiplexor boards, a set of properly engraved panels, and tidied up the program to be more "object-oriented". It works quite nicely and anyone is welcome to a copy if interested?)

You will note that I am still running Prosim737 v2.03! and there are good reasons for that decision. Because I am so ancient, I never thought it appropriate that I should invest a very large amount of money on my cockpit hardware; it would just burden my wife with decisions about how to dispose of it short of dumping it all into a skip! As a result my system is very much at the low end of what I once described as the cockpit-building "Beaufort Scale". The emphasis was on the important functions to allow a proper engine start-up and FMC-navigated flight without worrying about the last word in cosmetic detail. eg my yoke is an old CH Products yoke sat on the top of a length of drainpipe - very un-pukka 737! As a result of these decisions, my system worked adequately at the Prosim737 V1.xx level of sophistication, and probably did not necessarily gain from my decision to move to Prosim737 V2. Thus it was inevitable that I could not justify moving to a subscription account for its bug-fixes and functional enhancements. I have no idea what these enhancements have been over the years since, and also no idea what it would cost me to upgrade to the current level? Are there others out there with low-end budgets who ponder these dilemmas?

So finally, to get to the point, I will lay out my three systems, The leftmost column is my powerful new build empty of all software except Windows 11, the other columns are the two existing 737 cockpit drivers.

SYSTEM--------------------NEW--------------------------------OLD 1 --------------------------------OLD 2

CPU : -----------------AMD 5900X (12C/24T)-=----------i7-6700K-----------------------------i7-2700k
Memory : ------------------32gb-----------------------------16gb----------------------------------16gb
SSD :----------------------2 X 1tb M2----------------------256gb---------------------------------
Storage :-------------------4tb-------------------------------1tb+----------------------------------1tb+
Graphics :-------------------AMD 6700X 12gb---------------GTX970 4gb-------------------------GTX960, GTX460
Display :--------------------Dell 24" ------------------------27" Monitor-------------------------- 4 X Monitors
------------------------------------------------------------------3 X 32" Curved TVs

SOFTWARE-------------------NEW------------------------------OLD 1----------------------------------OLD 2

Windows : -----------------11 Pro ------------------------- 10--------------------------------------- 10
------------ : ------------------ ? ------------------------------- P3D V4
------------ : ------------------ ? ------------------------------- Prosim737 V2.03 ----------------4 X PS Display
------------ : ------------------ ? ------------------------------- FSUIPC5
----------- : ------------------ ? -------------------------------- SIOC

ATTACHED -------------------NEW ---------------------------- OLD 1 --------------------------------- OLD 2

-------- : ---------------------- ? ------------------------------- CH Yoke/pedals
-------- : ---------------------- ? ------------------------------- OC MCP, 2 X EFIS
-------- : ---------------------- ?-------------------------------- OC I/O Cards for Overhead
-------- : ---------------------- ? ------------------------------ Bodnar BU0386X for Throttle
---------: ---------------------- ? ------------------------------ 4 X Pokeys 57U for MIP, Aft Overhead
-------- : ---------------------- ? ------------------------------ 2 X Pololu Maestro 6 for Gauges
-------- : ---------------------- ? ------------------------------ 3 X Arduinos for Radios, Alt, Elec

I hope all the above is clear enough to allow suggestions as to what is to be shuffled over from the rightmost two columns onto the leftmost column in terms of software and attachments. Hopefully this can be achieved without: (a) Utter failure through incompatibility eg Win 11 problems?, (b) too much hassle with licensing issues?, (c) but with some performance gains?

My first inclinations are: to install a new P3D V5 license on the new system, along with FSUIPC/ WideFS. I am assuming that this would allow P3D V5 to talk to Prosim737 on its existing computer and that nothing else need to move except some USB attachments?. i.e. P3D V5 can be made to work on the new system, if I twiddled Prosim's location for its FlightSim? But also, P3D V4 can still be restored to work with my cockpit on the old system with minor adjustments if I hit problems?. Having had a lifetime of misery fighting software system compatibility problems , I don't really expect this to work for one moment, but hope springs eternally they say.

Apologies for the long post, I would be grateful for any advice and warnings.

Cheers NobbyH
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Re: Migration to New System

Post by jmlohrenz »

Depends on what your goal is, but if you want to avoid more expense, you can un-register V4 from your current PC, download the latest V4.5 and install that on your new PC. As long as you have the installers still for your version of ProSim you should be good to go then. Switching up to MSFS2020 or P3D v5 will require $$$ for addons if you have any and such and might not be worth it for you depending on what you want as the end result.
Jason L
Full Scale 737 using frame from old NWA Training Ctr. 737-300. Opencockpits Modules, CFY Throttle, FDS SYS Boards. 3x1080p Projectors, 210 degree screen, 2 PC's
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Re: Migration to New System

Post by NobbyH »

Hi Jason, Thank you for your comments.

With regard to extra expenditure, a moderate amount is no problem, but obviously this implies that Prosim737 cannot be upgraded in any fashion. I am presuming that it could be re-installed and re-licensed onto the new system, but less hassle if it it is left in place on the old system, and buy a fresh FS eg P3D V5 or V4 , for the new system . I do have a number of OrbX scenery items gathered over the year, some of which I would like to be able to re-use without extra costs. My aim was to avoid the embarrassment of migrating a lot of stuff to the my new system, discovering it doesn't work, and then having to migrate it back again. Perhaps even to put my cockpit into a non-recoverable operating failure.

I guess my dilemmas boil down to a series of simple Yes/No answers to a number of simple questions that others may have already found answers.

1. Is there any reason why any of my cockpit software will fail to run on Windows 11. Hopefully not, but you never know.

2. I probably will buy FS2020 at some time. Would that ever work with my cockpit? I presume the answer is a resounding NO. However it is possible to make some progress with Xplane 11, but I do need to replace the Pokey/Pololus wih OC I/O.

3. Does P3D V5 work with my out-of-date Prosim737 v2.03 version? I am hoping this is a YES

4. Assuming the answer to 3. is a NO, then I could buy a fresh license for P3D V4 at the same price and operate in parallel?.

5. Buying a fresh FSUIPC license along with WideFS, can I get Prosim737 to work remotely with it? I believe others do operate in this fashion.

Things seem awfully quite nowadays on the Prosim forums.

Cheers NobbyH
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Re: Migration to New System

Post by dvincent »

Windows 11 had (stlll have ?) an issue with AMD cpu's. Microsoft admitted it, they said it was a bug but it might be on purpose as well ofcourse. AMD cpu's did perform less with Windows 11.

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Re: Migration to New System

Post by NobbyH »

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for the input. I believe the AMD problem is a marginal CPU performance problem that favored Intel; I presume it will have to be sorted out between MS and AMD before the lawyers get involved. Still haven't made any move onto my new system; still have unanswered questions.

Cheers NobbyH
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