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No CTD’s anymore when using Simconnect mode

Posted: 21 Apr 2021, 07:47
by Saldo
Since the end of December 2020 I am beta testing MSFS.

From all flights 4 out of 5 flights ended in CTD : Trim - Simconnect error.
Last weekend I changed from FSUIPC mode to Simconnect mode and all my 5 flights from that moment went without a CTD...

I always used FSUIPC mode as Simconnect mode caused my CpFlight MCP Pro speed window to blank out on the ground.

Now it has returned to normal and I thought that I would give Simconnect mode a chance again.

I still experience sensitive controls, have to keep the gear lever in the up position when flyiing and keep my fuel below 10.00 to reach 330 or higher, but I now am able to enjoy MSFS...