Strange movements

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Strange movements

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Good evening everyone, I installed MFS2020 a few weeks ago, I've already done some flights and everything seems ok. However, when I fly manually to take off or approach the yoke and pedal controls seem to respond too sensitively without being fluent. While when I am on the ground to take a taxi the tiller does not seem to work well even if I turn everything, the simulator does not follow the trajectories well. If I control the axes through prosim they move correctly and smoothly. Is there any setting to fix that escapes me? In mfs2020 the aircraft is in Legacy mode and the controls are all on the right as explained. Can you help me? Thanks 1000
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Re: Strange movements

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Same at me...

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Re: Strange movements

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FS2020 is only in test stage or phase. It is not suitable for cockpitbuilding yet. You can install it and test it but no guarantees.

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