MSFS2020 start button

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MSFS2020 start button

Post by Tim737800 »

We have a huge warped screen in use for our sim. We use MSFS2020 and are pretty happy about it.
But there is one big point which is really stupi. We cant see the lower line of our screen... the problem is the kind of warping technic.
Is there a way to hit a key on a keyboard and the flight starts? Now all the time we use to find the button with the mouse and wait for the sound of hitting the icone...

that can take up to 3min..

Thanks Tim
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Re: MSFS2020 start button

Post by JWS »

How about assigning a key in FSUIPC? Or use a small (extra) monitor which mirrors the MSFS image where you can alter settings and hit the start button?

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Re: MSFS2020 start button

Post by Hakkie »

Or Alt-Enter to enter windowed mode, click the button and Alt-Enter again to go full screen? May not look realistic, but it is done before the flight starts.
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Re: MSFS2020 start button

Post by pvc0056 »

VNC from another computer?
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Re: MSFS2020 start button

Post by onthefence »

I had a similar problem with View Groups on my three 60 inch display screens. I moved the task bar to the top of the screen and set it to auto hide. Maybe this will work in your case?
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