Sismo MIP Not working

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Sismo MIP Not working

Post by bluesman1 »

I have wired up my SISMO MIP with their ethernet cards and all was working fine until today.
I fired up the sim and saw that nothing was working on my MIP. Landing gear, EDC backlighting
and so on. The power inverter seems to be working , the red light is on anyway. Its hard
for me to check it at this time because I don't have a replacement.

My internet is good and ProSim is working but not of the SISMO gear?

Mike Stout
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Re: Sismo MIP Not working

Post by TechDep_Sismo »

Hello Mike,

If there haven't been any changes in software or your firewall recently then the most likely solution is communications. A loose cable or some such,

Are you able to load the Config page on your web browser e.g. type the default IP address for the MIP (or your customised IP if you changed it)

As you've bought the MIP by parts and assembled it yourself, it would be good to check the Ethernet cables. If you can't reach the Config page, perhaps an Ethernet cable has come loose.

If there is no power to the MIP, try looking at the power supply as you have suggested.

Best regards,
Thomas Lee
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Re: Sismo MIP Not working

Post by dvincent »

I would check the IP-addresses.
My advise is to use fixed IP-addresses in the sim if you're not already doing so.

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