Sismo MIP and Pedestal

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Sismo MIP and Pedestal

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Hi I am having an issue with my MIP's flaps. I have set it up in combined config as far as assigning the servo and setting the flap positions. Just cant get it to work.
My second issue is the officers radio panel doesn't work. None of the light will work on the first officers side. I going into ProSim and drivers page where the Sismo
boxes are checked. Inside the the page the MIP and Pedestal are active with one oddity. The MIP page and the Pedestal page are not "grayed out like they used to be".
I am able to check and uncheck the boxes on each page. This is a new development. So not sure what's going on but, my sim has been down for close to 2 months
because of these thousand and one problems.

I have not a clue so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Mike Stout
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Re: Sismo MIP and Pedestal

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Hello Mike,

I answered about the ASP in the other thread.

Regarding the MIP flaps:

In these cases we recommend starting with a hardware test, to find out whether the issue is related to the hardware or if it is a configuration problem.

We've got a application available for download on our website which you can use to test the Flaps gauge.

It's called SC-Pascal. Be warned I'm not talking about scripts. You don't need scripts for your Pedestal or MIP because you bought these Plug&fly modules recently and we are now using the native version.
SC-Pascal is a standalone application which can be used to test Sismo hardware.
Follow this link: ... roller=cms

You'll need to configure SC-Pascal to listen to the port the MIP is using. If you haven't changed it, it will be 1152.

Then run the test by following the instructions which you can find in the SC-MB Ethernet Configuration Manual, available here: ... o_included

You can test the servos on this application. If the servo moves correctly, then we know it must be a configuration issue. If not, please get in touch with our support team at Sismo because it's a hardware problem.

Best regards,
Thomas Lee
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