ProSimB38M vesion 1.06

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ProSimB38M vesion 1.06

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Apr 29 2021 Release Version 1.06
- [FMS][LNAV] Fixed LNAV intercept logic
- [FMS][OFFSET] Implemented new lnav offset logic

- [Phidget22] Fixed crash when selecting HUB port already in use
- [Phidget22] Fixed phidget already open when selecting hub port 0 device
- [Phidget22] Several improvements
- [CPFlight] Fixed swaped duct pressure needles for the new ethernet overhead
- [CPFlight] Added extra delay to bit indicator commands
- [SIOC Direct] Added further encoder inputs based on mastercard count

- [Maint][Doors] Improved readability
- [Maint] Shutdown from CDU now requires EXEC
- [Misc] Added remote shutdown to system module
- [Misc] Fixed missing FMS version option
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