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ProSimB38M version 1.04

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Mar 04 2021 Release Version 1.04
- [Chrono] Implemented automatic elapsed time
- [FMS] Fixed MCP altitude change not showing on scratchpad during cruise
- [FMS][DES FORECAST] Fixed TL not populating when loading route from company route
- [FMS][FIX] Fixed copy to scratchpad
- [FMS][FIX] Fixed rad/dis accepting negative values
- [FMS] Fixed STAR selection not clearing if no STAR segment in route
- [FMS] Added further VNAV log
- [FMS] Fixed ALT INT deleting E/D altitude restriction
- [FMS] Fixed FC leg causing vnav distance errors
- [FMS][HOLD] Changed INVALID ENTRY to INVALID QUAD when trying to change the HOLD QUAD over a PBD waypoint
- [FMS] Added ROUTE FULL message
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed CDU crash when entering HOLD at the end of the route
- [FMS][LNAV] Fixed sequencing of manual legs (VECTOR)
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed CDU crash
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed selectable conditional waypoints
- [FMS][POS] Fixed TA no filling when entering ref airport
- [PSDB-469][FMS] Fixed FMS phase not changing from take off to climb after passing thrust reduction altitude
- [PROSIM737-121][FMS][HOLD] Improved HOLD AVAIL calculation
- [PROSIM737-122][FMS][CLB] Show proper CLB mode while on ground or take off phase
- [FMS][VNAV] Initial speed predictions now takes into consideration acceleration height limit
- [FMS] Fixed vnavDistance calculation taking matching fix to wrong flightplan waypoint if waypoint is also present in missed approach
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed RWY EXT renaming if DCT
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed extra disconnect when entering RWY EXT
- [PROSIM737-118][FMS][TAKE OFF] Added option to use single click to select QRH speed
- [FMS] Fixed VNAV not recalculating modified route
- [ACARS] Fixed acars not loading remaining files if an acars file is invalid

- [Phidget22] Fixed DigitalOutput for relays and indicators
- [CPFlight] Fixed crash when using MAX EFIS
- [CPFlight] Added MAX EFIS range support
- [CPFlight] Added ethernet overhead support
Note: This requires users with USB version to re-select COM port

- [Weather] Added support to exchange simulator weather information directly with Active Sky (enable in ProSimSystem config)
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed VATSIM/IVAO/PilotEdge clients not shown on ProSimIOS map
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed map buttons hiding based on window size now more reliable
- [FS2020] Added community scenery import
- [FS2020] Fixed database detection
- [FS2020] Fixed engine data loading
- [FS2020] Added FS2020 preview
- [Misc] Added FMS/CDU->Flap Source option to cockpit setup
This should be used when flaps control is done directly in the simulator and assigments cannot be done in ProSim (like old rev sim TQs).
Default option is Handle, but if TQ is controlling simulator flaps directly (like the Rev SIm Script based TQ),
then position should be used so VNAV can properly detect flap setting selected.
- [Misc] Allow the use of custom sound files for default audio
Note: To use custom default sounds (GPWS callouts, fire bell, clacker, etc...),
just place the custom audio file(using the exact same name as the default one)
inside the ProgramData\ProSim-AR\<product_folder>\audio foder.
If the custom audio file is found, it will be used instead of the default one
Martin Vsetecka
ProSim Support

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