ProSimB38M version 1.03

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ProSimB38M version 1.03

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Feb 05 2021 Release Version 1.03
- [FMS] Fixed along track waypoints when no active route
- [PROSIM737-115][FMS][DES FORECAST] Fixed isa dev/qnh data entry parser
- [FMS] Fixed VECTOR leg handling
- [FMS][PROG1] Fixed leg direction
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed CDU crash when ARR/DEP avail but no legs yet
- [FMS][CLB][CRZ][DES] Fixed CDU crash
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed 1st waypoint distance
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed non active route not showing direction and distance
- [FMS] Improved VECTOR leg handling
- [FMS] Fixed climb speed not reset after passing speed limit altitude
- [FMS][RNP] Fixed rnp mode toggling between terminal and approach in certain conditions
- [PFD][NPS] Fixed scale changing to ILS type as soon as ILS is tuned
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed single waypoint parser
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed INTC course when leg is entered at top
- [Commercial][FMS][RTA] Added RTA functionality
- [FMS][LEGS] Improved data entry parser
- [FMS][PROGRESS 1] Fixed formatting when fuel is invalid
- [PSDB-467][FMS][PROGRESS 1] Fixed DTG for next/after waypoints showing same value
- [PSDB-466][FMS][CLB][CRZ][DES] Fixed target speed not showing XXX/MCP if speed intervention active
- [PSDB-468][FMA] Fixed thrust mode during take off
- [MCP] Fixed SPEED mode not working properly when selected

- [ND] Improved waypoint drawing (if same waypoint is present twice in route, just one will be drawing to prevent double drawing effect)

- [CPFlight] Implement SIDE module if MIPICS is detected
- [CPFlight][CDUPRO] Fixed some parsing error

- [Rudder/Tiller Combiner] Fixed auto detection not working with FSUIPC
- [SimConnect] Fixed invalid approach data if no ILS active
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed weight and temperature unit now also changed for the system side when changed in ProSimIOS
- [Misc] Renamed MSFS simlink to FSUIPC to prevent confusion with the new MS FS2020
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