ProSimB38M version 1.02

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ProSimB38M version 1.02

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Jan 07 2021 Release Version 1.02
- [FMS][FIX] Added rad/dist and abeam info (eta/dtg/alt)
- [FMS][FIX] Improved rwy format entry
- [FMS] Custom waypoints are now ODD numbered if generated from the Capt's CDU, and EVEN if from the FO's CDU
- [FMS][IDENT] Simplified aircraft model
- [FMS][MAIN-NAV/COM] Fixed ADF frequency not working
- [FMS][VNAV] Added STEEP DES AFTER yyyyy message
- [FMS][VNAV] Added UNABLE xxxKTS AT yyyyy message
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed ABEAM prompt visible in certain conditions
- [Commercial][FMS][IDENT] Fixed StandBy cycle info
- [Commercial][FMS][IDENT] Added optional operator code to cycle value
- [Commercial][FMS][IDENT] Added custom model capability
- [PSDB-464][FMS] Fixed company routes not persistent
- [PSDB-461][FMS][DES] Fixed flap limit speed value
- [Navigation][Marker] Fixed marker not resetting
- [Navigation][ADF] Fixed min frequency from 200 to 190

- [FDS] Fixed MCP hold solenoid mapping
- [Phidgets] Fixed config issue

- [ProSimIOS] Initial release for ProSimB38M
- [Misc] Fixed issue where navaids were always virtualized
- [FlightModel] Add cockpit setup option to control doors from external source
Note: enabling this option will remove any door control from ProSim, making IOS and CDU control pages to not respond.
Indications will follow actual door state
- [ACARS] Added legacy ACARS support
- [SimConnect] Fixed incorrect oil qty
- [SimConnect] Linked battery switch to simulator
- [SimConnect] Fixed brakes not working
- [Combined Rudder/Tiller] Fixed not working with MSFS(FSUIPC) simlink
- [Rudder/Tiller Combiner] Added Rudder/Tiller mode detection. ProSim will determine now the proper mode to be use based on the inhibit_rudder_on_steer flag
- [Rudder/Tiller Combiner] Removed option as it is no longer needed
- [Rudder/Tiller Combiner] Added NWS control mode detected to WebIOS (Main/Parameters)
- [Database] Fixed whole database build no longer aborts in case of a data record import error from the navigation data
- [Database] Improved scan time
- [Database] Fix loading airports in ProSim-System
- [Database] Auto build database with new schema
- [Database] Fix for null characters in scenery file data
- [Database] Fixed weather station import
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