ProSimB38M version 1.01

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ProSimB38M version 1.01

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Dec 15 2020 Release Version 1.01
- [FMS][RTE2] Fixed RTE2 drawing logic
- [FMS][OFFSET] Improved handling
- [FMS][ABEAM] Improved DTG/ETA/ALT calculations
- [Throttle MCP] Added Flap Pulse Down and Up switches
- [Throttle/MCP] Adding Combined Trust/reverse to Shared737/ProSim737.Shared/Engines/Throttle.cs
- [Throttle/MCP] Reverser Command indicator logic
- [Reverser] Moving Reverser Limited indicator from shared to Max system
- [MCP] Fixed trim gates and numerical output
- [DU] Added failures

- [ND] Improved route drawing
- [ND] Fixed wrong condition waypoints symbol- [Engines display] X-BLD and Engine Fail messages position fix
- [PFD] Remove HeadingWheel cleared area when ILS is selected and PFD is in compact mode
- [PFD] RA, Warnings and VREF Speed fix
- [PFD] Reposition of HeadingWheel, RA and Localizer
- [PFD] Repositioning G/S, G/P, LOC and FAC Flags
- [MFD] improved N1/SPD REF pages
- [DU] Fixed display combinations accordingly with Cap/Fo MDS switches and failures
- Added mini map
- [HeadingWheel] small adjustment to avoid bottom ground color line in some custom sizes
- [HeadingWheel and ND] Wind arrow position fix
- [HeadingWheel] Fixing Temperature and Wind indications font size
- [HeadingWheel] readjusting wind arrow position and width
- [PFD] Fixed font to large
- [PFD] Adding Flap value to speed tape

- [CockpitSetup] Added option to allow external door control
- [FDS] Added new FDS Ethernet driver
- [CPFlight] Added MultiNav and driver improvements
- [CPFlight] Fixed EFIS range
- [Phidget22] Improved Driver
- [Phidget22] Fixed BLDCMotors rescale factor
- [Phidget22] Fixed servo power
- [Phidget22] Fixed crash at startup
- [Phidget22] Advanced form Stepper Velocity Limit label change to show MaxVelocityLimit accordingly with Re-scale Factor
- [Phidget22] Port Options selection fix
- [Sismo] Fixed Multinav Display
- [Sismo][OVH] Fixed some missing mapping
- [Sismo][PED] Fixed some mixed mapping
- [Sismo][MIP] Fixed some mixed/missing mapping
- [Sismo][MCP] Fixed altitude value display

- [ACARS] Implemented legacy ACARS
- [Database] Database build fixes
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