ProSimB38M version 1.20

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ProSimB38M version 1.20

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Aug 8 2022 Release Version 1.20

- [Flight controls] Added new flight control surface animation
- [Flight controls] Fixed spoiler movement without hydraulics
- [Flight controls] Improved reverser animations
- [Flight controls] Reworked flaps extension/retraction logic
- [Flight controls] Added spoiler mixer as sim element
Note: All the above require the new 2022 flight model
- [Autoflight] Fixed AFDS status sometimes not updating
- [Navigation] Improved navigation scale source logic

- [Displays] Fixed expanded scale for IAN approaches

- [CPFlight] Added CB light control mapping to overhead
- [CPFlight] Force higher delay value for battery command when MIP is detected
- [CPFlight] Filter incoming data to prevent noise signals to be processed
- [CPFlight] Several improvements to flow control
- [CPFlight] Added extra delay when sending battery command

- [Misc] Added CB light control elements
- [Misc] Added null zone to analog trim elements
- [Misc] Added local UI test for gates
- [ProSimIOS] Adjusted wind readout in current weather
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed TCAS intruders not correctly removed
- [CDU] Fixed issue causing some CDU based drivers to crash
- [FS2020] Fixed database build with SU10
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