ProSimB38M version 1.19

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ProSimB38M version 1.19

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Jul 7 2022 Release Version 1.19
- [Hydraulics] Fixed accumulator pressure dropping below 1000 when on bat only
- [Hydraulics] Improved brake pressure gauge output
- [Datalink] Added base template
note: This base template can be used to customize header/footer
and add extra lines at the end to allow cutting space depending on the printer used.
- [Datalink] Fixed RCVD MSG page not refreshing after RETURN from message
- [Datalink] Fixed CDU crash when loading PERF uplink in some conditions
- [Datalink] Fixed fuel loading issue in Simconnect mode
- [FMS] Fixed early descent lock
- [FMS] Fixed underspeed symbol in some specific conditions
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed AT going to ARM at T/D and in level flight
- [FMS][LNAV] Fixed waypoint overlapping in some conditions
- [Indicating] Do not trigger CDS FAULT after second engine start
- [Indicating] Fixed CDS FAULT not triggering DSPLY SOURCE after second engine start
- [Fire Protection] Fixed fire indicators triggering master caution OVHT/DET
- [SMYD][Professional] Consolidate VSS between speed tape and MCP logic

- [Poldragonet] Added support for new 737 hardware panels
- [CPFlight] Fixed new WXR panel not working
- [CPFlight] Fixed indicator issue with first generation ICS MIP
- [Phidgets22] Fixed Advanced LED outputs when using indicator intensity higher than default values

- [ProSimIOS] Fixed turbulence options sometimes changed by itself if Active Sky was not used
- [ProSimIOS] Don't force reset weather when switching from weather preset to custom weather
- [Misc] Added overhead backlight control elements
- [Misc] Fixed WXR2100 radar panel TFR switches not latching
- [FS2020][Misc] Fixed ILS heading issue for scenery items that use non fixed heading
- [FS2020][Misc] Fixed potential scenery object airport skipped when delete information is not set
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