ProSimB38M version 1.11

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ProSimB38M version 1.11

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Oct 18 2021 Release Version 1.11
- [FMS] Fixed extra destination airport legs after go-around
- [FMS] Fixed FMC position available if FMC is failed
- [FMS][Commercial] Fixed flight deck effects for FMC failure
- [FMS][VNAV] Fixed decel segments logic using cruise instead of descend speed
- [FMS][PERF INIT] Fixed wind entry crashing CDU when route not active yet
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed hold ETA
- [FMS][HOLD] Improved hold best speed and leg time logic
- [FMS][HOLD] Fixed exit hold drawing full hold pattern when leg time modified
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed RTE ETA not using EFC (HOLD TIME)
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed HOLD speed
- [FMS][LEGS] Fixed multiple magenta lines in some instances
- [FMS][RTE] Fixed DIRECT replacement with airway not adding intermediate waypoints
- [FMS][RTE] Fixed airway entry
- [FMS][RTE] Fixed SELECT DESIRED WPT if waypoint not in airway
- [FMS][RTE] Fixed HOLD label after DIRECT TO
- [FMS][FIX] Fixed departure RWY waypoint not accepted
- [CDU] Small fix to N1 LIMIT page

Flight Controls
- [Flaps] Fixed flaps returning to handle position when using alternate flaps
- [Flaps] Fixed load relief activation when using alternate flaps
- [FlightControls] Fixed erratic rudder trim

- [Electrical] Fixed elec display values showing decimal places
- [Misc] Fixed underlying sim lights not working with SimConnect(P3D)

- [Engine Display] Added cockpit setup option to control TMD appearance

- [ProSimIOS] Fixed magnetic variation not always correctly considered during heading display on IOS
- [ProSimIOS] Improved cloud definition now always AGL (requires rebuild of ProSimSystem database)
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed Active Sky real-time weather deactivated after reposition
- [ProSimIOS] Fixed did not close automatically when Windows shuts down if no connection to ProSimSystem
- [Commercial][Windshear] Fixed windshear not working with simconnect
- [Misc] Fixed trim indicator not showing
- [Misc] Recheck AP after reposition
Note: If reposition to ground, AP and AT will disengage.
In case VNVA/LNAV are engaged, reversion to HDG SEL/ALT HOLD will happen. If AP is already in HDG SEL / ALT HOLD then MCP will be re set to position data.
Any other combination will disengage the AP
- [Misc] Added further vnav debug info
- [Misc] Added cockpit setup option to inhibit TFC,RFCF and TerrainAhead EGPWS modes
- [Misc] Extended EGPWS modulation file to define modulation exclusive or inclusive
Note: It is now possible to disable a mode by default, where modulation can be used to enable for specified airports.
- [Misc] Fixed pressurization reset after reposition to high altitude
- [Misc] Added web call to get GPWC modulation file
- [Misc][Commercial] Fixed virtual navaid cockpit setup option
Martin Vsetecka
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