ProSimB38M vesion 1.08

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ProSimB38M vesion 1.08

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Sep 3 2021 Release Version 1.09
Note: This beta implements FMS core changes based on ProSimB738 Version 3.09
- [FMS] Implemented new VNAV code
- [Autoflight][Commercial] Added VNAV/LNAV failures

- [FDS Ethernet] Removed empty spaces from host name to allow proper module detection
- [CPFlight] Added option to swap gain/tilt controls for new wxr radar panel
- [CPFlight] Updated AUTO and L/R mapping to latched type
- [Wxr Radar] Fixed AUTO mode not working properly
Note: P3D/AS does not provide true auto mode funtionality. So just auto tilt is provided based on aircraft pitch
Martin Vsetecka
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