ProSimB38M vesion 1.08

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ProSimB38M vesion 1.08

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Jul 21 2021 Release Version 1.08
- [FMS][LNAV] Added single bypass for circle to track transition
- [FMS] Improved "UNABLE NEXT ALTITUDE" message logic for descent constraints
- [FMS][TakeOff] Reset V speeds at first flap retraction above accel height to prevent white bug(V2+[15|20]) to clear
- [FMS][HOLD] When exit armed, ND should show just the holding exit without drawing the full hold
- [LandingGear] Fixed gear disagree

- [EGPWS][Terrain] Added option to change terrain mode [SIMPLE|ADVANCED]
Note: Advanced (beta) contains the sweep and peaks options. Simple is the old logic
- [EGPWS][Terrain] Added test image
- [EGPWS][Terrain] Added terrain sweep
- [EGPWS][Terrain] Added PEAKS option
- [EGPWS][Terrain] Added water in CYAN option

- [CPFlight] Added support for the new WXR radar panel
- [CPFlight] Fixed GPWS INOP indicator not working
- [CPFlight][Overhead] Fixed pressurization panel issue
- [Simworld] Fixed ISFD baro encoder

- [ProSimIOS] Shutdown all option now available also without any network computers configured
- [FPT] Fixed FPT feature validation
- [Misc] Improved NAV signal audio reception
- [Misc] Fixed invalid feature validation
- [Misc] Added support for digital outflow valve gauges
- [Misc] Fixed ProSim crash when preparing for a second flight and FMS is not fully reset
- [Misc] Improved FD filter and interpolation
Note: Old FD tuning parameters were replaced with 2 new parameters per channel: Time and Rate based.
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