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Performance question

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I have a problem with B38M and performance.
I am using company EFB and T/O calc for the Leap 1B27 and have selected 27K in ProsimIOS

Ex. ENGM 19L, B7, Dry (Notice the intersection)
Atom: 57700kg
Wind 190/4
Temp: 17c
Qnh: 1009
TO-2, 20%
Tass: 51
%N1: 76,51%
Stopmargin: 10
V1, Vr, V2: 139,139,140

The n1 matches with ProSim, so it seems the tables in Prosim are very accurate.
The problem is that i don’t have enough thrust. You will hit end of runway before v1. It seems it puts out too little thrust even if the numbers are correct. In real life the speed increases much faster.
Could the thrust scalar settings be off or something? In the .cfg file. static_thrust are set to 24200. Is this correct?

At ENCN, if i get TO-2, i have to set TO-1 in prosim, otherwise i do not have enough thrust for TO.

Btw: Using Prepar3d 5.2,hf1
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