Moving config file to a New Prosim System Instance

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Moving config file to a New Prosim System Instance

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Hi All,

So as the topic states, I have decided to make a new Prosim System Instance as there are just too many things happening in my setup that aren't happening with other folks setups. CP Flight daisy chain has been frequently dropping out, PFD/ND/ CPFlight (haven't nailed this one down yet) freezing and Prosim hasn't been loading the CP Flight daisy chain consistently and the list goes on. I've redone all my Display instances and hoping that may help me out as well.

It seems that the daisychain is currently loading reasonably well with the fresh Prosim System instance. At the moment I only have CP Flight and Pokeys enabled in the config. I have discovered one thing of interest . If I leave mains power on, it's too much for CP Flight when my 6 overhead Pokeys Ethernet cards come online and when this happens all at the same time, most often none of the daisy chain loads, or more often than not, just the MCP loads.

So, the reason for this post. It seems I have the fresh new instance stable. Is it ok to bring over my config now or will that contaminate my fresh Prosim System instance. I hate the thought of starting over from scratch with the config file. I guess it wont really hurt anything as this is an experiment phase and I still have my other Prosim Instance but would be nice to know for sure from someone in the know.
Best Regards,
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