Some hardware / software corrections / doubts

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Some hardware / software corrections / doubts

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Hi Prosim Team,

I've a complete cockpit from Poldragonet and now i see that something(s) are not accurate or doubts, please see what's append:

The LOUD Speaker on Prosim are ok in Prosim, but how to interact with speakers ?
How to config clock in Prosim ?
The switch STBY Compass are backworking in Prosim overhead software position.
The ATC panel on Proim Pedestal the 1 and 2 are backworking.
The frequency are not syncronized with prosim when start in transponder.
When Pause the simulator on mCDU or IOS the lunched time continue counting... must be paused too.

Best regards,
Nuno Batalha
Best Regards,
Nuno Batalha (LPPT)
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